So Little Time; So Much To Waste
Actually Taking Time to Slow Down

Take Charge! Be Determined! Get Up and Get Going!

Little-book-coverby Yvonne DiVita author of A Little Book of Big Thoughts - available in print or as an e-book just click the image

Are you ready for 2012 or are you wallowing in the mistakes you made in 2011?

Let's not list the common cliches - the "today is called the present cause it is one" positive affirmations. They have their place. It is not in the planning for tomorrow.

Yes, you should review what worked and what didn't, from this year. You should be focused on improving and excelling. However, regardless of how 2011 has been, you should be adamant in your decision to move forward.

Here's what I think you should be doing - today and every day going forward:

1. Take charge! When life throws tomatoes at you, catch'em and make soup. I love tomato soup! With crackers. You know you're going to get some tomatoes in the forehead, right? Be prepared with a wet cloth to wipe the stain away.

I was telling my daughter about the Tylenol scare of 1982, which isn't even on her radar: In October of 1982, Tylenol, the leading pain-killer medicine in the United States at the time, faced a tremendous crisis when seven people in Chicago were reported dead after taking extra-strength Tylenol capsules. It was reported that an unknown suspect/s put 65 milligrams of deadly cyanide into Tylenol capsules, 10,000 more than what is necessary to kill a human. 

The story is to make a point: Tylenol did not go out of business. Tylenol is still sold today. And, a whole bunch of people don't even know about the 1982 incident.

2. Get up every morning determined to accomplish something new. Not just something - but, something new. Call a 'new' contact and don't pitch - just ask about them. Make a new friend on Twitter and ask if you can introduce her to anyone they see on your current list. Begin a new product line - just an outline is a great way to start. The goal is to bring innovation into your life - so, you might read a book, watch a play, write a poem. Look at this picture and write a story about it - what is it? Why is it? What had to happen to make this picture?Foot-sticking-out

3. Ask and you shall receive. One area of expertise that worries many entrepreneurs is sales. Asking someone to buy what you're selling is no easy task when you've always been on the receiving end of a sales pitch. The trick is to ask questions. Don't assume that because your product or service is fabulous, the world is going to beat a path to your door. Learn to ask...for help first, and the sale next. (maybe from the same person, maybe not)

I was on the phone the other day with a good friend, listening to her new 'idea' which is fantastic, but needs some fleshing out. "How will you do this?" I asked. "What about story-telling? Would this be a good place to encourage story-telling?" I had a lot of thoughts about how she could do what she wants to do, but it wasn't about me or what I thought should happen. It was about her. "This is just my opinion," I said at one point, "but do you think..." To which she said, "YES! That's it!" 

We both felt good after that! And, she knows I'm here for her - to listen again. All she did was ask if I had time to hear her out - and I said, yes.

4. Practice best practices. For instance, say thank you. "Thank you for taking my call today." And, "Thank you for your time today." And, "Thank you for offering me that opportunity," even if you are not taking advantage of the opportunity. Spend time each week just listening. Don't pitch. Don't solve. Blog to educate. Blog to guide. Blog to share. 

5. Share. Share and share some more. Share other people's tweets and blog content (don't steal, share - give credit where credit is due and never take more than 20% of anyone's post when you're sharing). 

Now, ready, set...stop. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Do all of this today. And, stop over at our Facebook page to participate in Wednesday Wisdom - sharing your best advice for success in 2012. Inquiring minds are eager to hear from you. Remember to click the 'like' button - and share your FB page so we can reciprocate that 'like'.



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Yvonne DiVita

@Caren, thank you for getting the book. I will be watching for your thoughts on it.

@Bruce - you taught me a lot of this.:-)

Bruce Peters

Great post and reminders. This helped me get up and going!
And request a copy of your book.

caren gittleman

done!! Just ordered it! :)

caren gittleman

great advice...I am off to see if I can buy your book!

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