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Why I don't buy online.

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

Why_Consumers_Abandon_Online_Shopping_CartsNote I didn't say I don't shop online.  But, buying? Well, that can be difficult.  Way too often it seems that companies don't want to sell you anything, based on their web site designs.  In my grumpier moments I think this must be because most web sites are designed and planned by - grump, grump - men. You know, the same ones who design kitchens with cabinets way up there and sports arenas with way too few facilities for women.  Way annoying. 

Most men don't see shopping as a recreation or sport.  Most women do. (I don't shop big boxes or mass market stuff much, but I love to find that extra-special unique "thing" in that cool little shop or thrift store.)  Thus, men design web sites so they make perfect sense to them, and actually "work" functionally.  "Hey, you can buy it, what's your problem?"  But, then just try to buy something easily and quickly.  Ah, then the "fun" begins.

Here are just three recent examples of why I didn't buy (and wanted to, really. Had the credit card all ready to roll): 

1. Asking me to create an account when all I wanted to do was check out. No thanks.  I really don't want to be added to junk email blasts or spend the time filling in a lot of fields.  Please.  Just let me buy the damned thing. 

2. Waiting until I've gone through the whole process, including providing shipping and credit card info  only to tell me "Sorry, out=of-stock."  Grrrrr....

3. Requiring me to create an account before giving me any pricing or availability info.  Great way to never sell anything there, folks.  

...then there are the sites that force you to, expecting you to go through the whole process for each single item. Um, why have a "shopping cart?" Hello?    

So, sure, the sites probably "work" for the male techie...just not for customers.

(P.S. To be fair, some of the worst sites I've ever seen were planned by women biz owners and implemented by women techies.  Ouch.)   


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