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A Herbal Wish for the New Year

Black-and-white-Frankieby Yvonne DiVita, visit us on Facebook

From a fab newsletter I receive on Aromatics, Cindy Jones shared a wonderful bit of wisdom that I asked if I could share. And, she said yes. Thanks, Cindy. Do visit her site if you get a moment today.

A New Years Herbal Wish

In the Language of Herbs here is my New Years wish for you:

I will give you this New Years Wish with the language a herbs.

Sage for the wisdom acquired this year that will guide you next year.
Angelica for inspiration.
Lavender for devotion.
Fennel to enter the new year with strength
Thyme for courage to face what the new year brings.
Lemon balm for success.
Coriander for health.
Basil for wealth.
Dill for luck and money in 2012.
Yucca for the opportunities the new year brings.
Hyacinth for happiness, love and protection.
and of course the mighty rose to help you find love and beauty.


 At Sagescript Institute we grow herbs to use in skin care products and sell botanical extracts. We also provide consultation in cosmetic formulations, do cosmetic microbiology and make the Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skincare line of products. 


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Cindy Jones

Herbs and flowers both bring a bit of peacefulness to life. I love using them in everyday life. Thanks for posting this.

Heelys Shoes

I grew up loving flowers. My grandma used to have a flower garden in our backyard I was young. Happy new year to you.

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