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Yvonneby Yvonne DiVita

Musing out loud today.

One: snow days are nice to have now and then. It snowed like crazy last night and we're house-bound today. Even the dogs seem content to lie around and be lazy. I have lots to do on the computer, but I am enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere.

Two: Mommy bloggers. The "don't call me that" whine is out again. On one level, I understand. These are women who are more than nannies in residence. They're smart, they're talented and they often write about things beyond the kids and the kitchen. But, in the end, they're Moms. And they blog. And, they hope brands will pay them for that. So, get over it, Mommy bloggers. You'll have your day to be something else, when your kids are grown and gone. And then, you'll whine that Grandma's don't get any respect. Trust me, I'm a Grandma. I know. 

Three: I have to comment on the Planned Parenthood/Susan G. Komen fiasco. What were they thinking? Susan G. Komen, I mean. The story is that they have new guidelines and that Planned Parenthood is being 'investigated' by the feds and they can't support a group being investigated by the feds cause... that would be wrong.

Seriously? Really? Honestly?

No, not seriously. It's an excuse.

Really? No, not really. It's all they could think of to explain their stupidity. Breast Cancer Ribbon

Honestly? No, not honestly. Susan G. Komen has shown that they are anything but honest. They are lying through their teeth. Oh, yes, they created new guidelines and within those new guidelines, Planned Parenthood is suspect because of this federal investigation. But, we all know the new guidelines were an excuse to defer funding because of a political connection to the woman they hired as VP (Karen Handel - lifelong conservative republican who does not support Planned Parenthood's mission - which is to provide good health options for women who can't afford them otherwise).

Nancy Brinker, founder and President of Susan G. Komen, has gone on the defensive saying the comments being circulated about her decision (yes, I think it was HER decision and SHE convinced the board to go along with it - that is JUST my opinion) are scurrilous

scur·ri·lous   (skûr-ls, skr-)

1. Given to the use of vulgar, coarse, or abusive language; foul-mouthed.
2. Expressed in vulgar, coarse, and abusive language.


Maybe I'm missing something but I have not heard any verbal abuse - perhaps I'm not listening or paying attention to the right sources. The people I'm reading and watching are respectful, pointed, and purposeful. Their goal isn't to call Brinker names or malign Susan G. Komen. Their goal is to uncover the truth, which Brinker doesn't want to share. If anyone is being scurrilous, it's Brinker.

So glad that the Rocky Mountain chapter of Susan G. Komen is pushing back. Go, Colorado!

BEST post on this issue from Shonali Burke. I recommend it.

And, that's how I see it, today, February 3, 2012. Come join the conversation on Facebook. Or, leave a comment here. 



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AMEN to the power of engaged citizens. This sets a new record for policy turnaround.

Meanwhile AZ State U is shutting down a student for using Change.org to circulate a protest over tuition hikes. Social media giveth and it taketh away...

Sybil Stershic

Let's hear it for the power of social media! The threat of withdrawn support and funding has been taken seriously. I wonder how long it will take Komen to recover from the brand damage ...


Out of curiosity - has SGK commented on the $7.5 million grant that goes to Penn State...even though they're currently under a federal investigation for the Sandusky affair?
They caved under the threat of loss of support. And in doing so, will now learn what it's really like to lose support.

Mary Schmidt

Y, Love this and that. Think you should do it every Friday. Food for thought and a nice wrap-up of the week.

I get very tired of the whole Mommy blogger thing. If you primarily write about your kids and their activities (including, ack-ack, toilet training)...and want advertising revenue from things like toys and diapers, well, you've defined yourself. Sorry. Doesn't mean you're not smart, capable and all that, but...it is what it is. Get over it.

Your take on Komen says it far better than I could. It'll be interesting to see how the reversal is viewed by the "pro lifers." (I always wonder where all those people were during the anti-war demonstrations. And, how many children they foster or adopt.)

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