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Are You Ready For Valentine's Day?

Headshot3Article by Chloe Spencer 

Valentine's Day is coming up, in just a week. Many of you I'm sure are done with your V-Day shopping, but some of you, I'm also sure, are still pondering over what to get your special someone.

It's easier if he's your fiance or husband, but what if he's your boyfriend and you haven't been with him long enough to know what kind of gifts he'd like?

Well, I have a solution, because I, too, have suffered from the I-have-no-idea-what-to-get-him anxiety before a holiday or birthday. I wrote an article, Gifts For Men, on a website I built on men's fashion. The website isn't quite finished yet, but the article is, and I'm very willing to share it with you in this time of need! Gifts for men are easy to come by, but hard to pick out! You can read my detailed list of the best gifts for men, confirmed by a man of taste and style, including suggestions such as the best brands and styles, and their price ranges, if you click the link in this paragraph. Find out how to buy cologne that your man will personally love, learn what type and brand of wallet to buy him, how to shop for clothes for him, and more.

Now that you have your gifts sorted, and hopefully a card (or even better, a handmade valentine), the question is, what are you going to wear?

If you have made the V-Day plans or your man has, you can pretty much guarantee you're going to be going out to dinner at some point. Hopefully to a very nice place. So, naturally, you'll want to wear a dress. Red and pink are popular colors for this evening, and so is black. If you want to be unique, go for a color like magenta, maroon, violet or plum. If you want to be classical go with red or black, or if you want to be fun and flirty, go with pink.

Now, the style of dress depends on where you are going. If you are going to a ritzy restaurant, go with an elegant dress, but if you're going out dancing afterwards, then make sure you wear something you can dance in AND look good, so probably a dress that's a bit shorter and flowy. If you're going to a play or opera or something of that sort afterwards, it's recommended you wear a dress knee-length and longer.

So, where to shop? Well, it depends on your budget for the dress. If you have a budget of $100 or less then go to your local mall and look around the stores. If you have a high budget, go to the designer stores, or online if you don't have any designer stores in your area.

One of the best dress brands is Herve Leger, famous for their bandage dresses, which create a very flattering figure. For an alternatively lower-priced dress that still looks elegant, try Rachel Pally, or if you're looking for a dress with glitz and glam, try Bebe or Guess. And as far as shoes, go with heels on this romantic occassion, in a color that compliments your dress. If you're wearing a red dress for example, my opinion is to not wear red shoes, too. Instead, if you're wearing gold jewelry, wear gold shoes, or if your dress has some silver on it, wear silver shoes with corresponding jewelry. That way, your dress stands out, and you don't look like one red blur. If you want your SHOES to stand out rather than your dress, wear a simple one-tone dress, and great shoes (which of course you already knew!). A great brand for super hot heels is Jimmy Choo, or for cute Valentine shoes look at RED Valentino, or for more affordable shoes, go to a store like Aldo at the mall. Happy-valentines-day-animation12

Now that you have your gifts, card, dress and shoes all planned, all you need now is to go out and buy them! Or, of course stay in, and order them online.

Ah, the beauty of technology! So go and get on with it! Valentine's Day is just around the corner!



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Heelys Shoes

For me, Valentine's Day is not just the day for lovers. You can also spend it with your parents, it's a day of love.

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