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Believing in Tomorrow

Emily-Olive-snowby Yvonne DiVita

It's been said that the sun will come out tomorrow - oh yes, it will. It did not come out at our house yesterday and looks iffy for today. Snow covers everything like a pristine quilt, clean and white, pure of heart. Until the dogs go out. They will leave dark paw prints everywhere, and nose prints, and dog angels. Ok, they don't make dog angels but they roll in the snow. 

The idea that the sun will come out tomorrow reflects a belief that the world will go on. To believe in the sun is to accept that each new day is an opportunity to begin anew. 

Positive mental attitude notes and posters sprinkle the pages of Facebook and Twitter like snow, and get shared liberally by all, including this writer. Some folks are rebelling - complaining - asking why tweeters and Facebook friends can't come up with something original to state. But, in the end, the thoughts that inspire, that influence, that make us smile, are worth sharing, aren't they? 

Where is the line that separates today from yesterday or tomorrow? Is it the midnight clang of the clock? Or, is it more an internal sense of time - a realization that the past is over and every minute going forward is at least as important as every minute that has gone by? When do we stop beating our heads against the wall, wondering why we were so stupid? When do we accept our failings - embrace the past as a memory and a learning experience, and move into the tomorrows of our lives with determination and expectation? Pooh-piglet-today

Do we do it... now? Do we stand up, look in the mirror and say, "This is the moment I wipe the slate clean and begin again. This is the moment I treasure fond memories and bury disappointment. This is the moment I begin to be who I am - completely and with my whole heart."

And, then, do we move on, one foot in front of the other, eyes forward, deliberately, with intention?


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Carol Bryant

Wow, I was meant to find this post today. I have had a rough few days and feeling a bit blah to say the least. TY for these words; so much so I am printing them for my office!

caren gittleman

I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this.

I think one of the reasons I am a "morning Person" is because I have always viewed morning as being a "new beginning" a "clean slate"...

"move into the tomorrows of our lives with determination and expectation?" perfectly stated...this is how I have always tried to live my life and how I function in reference to my chosen "work"


I believe that 'the sun will come out tomorrow' reflects the opportunity the take a brake, do something else in order to gain back your strength and continue where you stopped, refreshed with an open mind.

But a warm sunshine itself is just unbeatable. I grew up in Germany where especially in fall and winter it may stay overcast with a thick layer of clouds for month. Once the sun is out you want to hang on to it and not let it go.


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