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Friday Musings - A little bit and then a little bit more

 by Yvonne DiVita

Who-said-thatInteresting article on women in business, in India - do they know something we don't?

Women’s Leadership Programs Missing Key Elements; Could Mean Missed Opportunities for India Inc., New Catalyst Study Finds

Key findings of this report include:

  • Fewer than 50 percent of companies held managers accountable for meeting diversity targets through performance goals or links to bonus pay or compensation.
  • In the area of mentoring, where reporting companies had relatively high rates of implementation—71 percent with formal mentoring programs, including 68 percent with programs for high-potential employees—only one third reported tracking outcomes such as promotion and/or retention rates.
  • Most India Inc. companies (75 percent) reported having flexible work programs, but many failed to track utilization of these programs.
  • visit the link above for the complete article, and share some thoughts in our comment area

Pinterest - is it too girly? In other words, because women love it and not so many men love it, is it a girl's best friend online? I wasn't going to do it, but now I am and... I have to admit, I love it. I love finding things my members pin and sharing them. I love sharing my thoughts on random ideas or movie stars or pets, recipes and even fashion, just by clicking 'pin this'. Are you on Pinterest yet? What do you like or not like about it?

If you haven't heard the Mitt Romney story of how he strapped his dog to the roof of his car (in a kennel, let's be honest here) and drove off on vacation, with the family in the car... you need to know about it. I wrote about it on BlogPaws and it's making tons of news across the web. If you're a pet lover, this story is important to know. Yes, I think it goes to character. But, that's me. I share so you can make an informed decision about this man and his political aspirations.

Thinking about time, women, nostalgia, and just how each of us is dealing with so much these days, this article found via Facebook, gave me pause. All the time in the world: senator tree. Image below comes from Brain Pickings' Rachel Sussman. 

"The tree had been on fire for over a week before anyone noticed. The Senator, one of the oldest Cypress trees in the world, was killed when a smoldering ignition from an errant lightning strike slowly transformed it into a towering chimney and fuel source in one. Or maybe it didn’t happen like that at all. Perhaps it was an errant cigarette, or a sinister match strategically placed in its hollow berth. The mystery endures, but the fact remains: on January 16, 2012 The Senator collapsed and died, engulfed in flames. It was 3,500 years old."

I'm a big fan of trees, in general. They're regal and beautiful - they represent strength, endurance, quality, comfort and so much more, to me. The mystery of trees like the Senator, those tree who have lived so many years beyond any imagination, lends itself to daydreams and wonder. Sad when a living creature like a tree departs and we pay homage in a blog post, but otherwise ignore it because... it's not a person.  

When, in reality, trees are persons. They're just not people persons. They feel. They communicate. They live. And, they die. What does that teach us?

Enjoy your weekend. 





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Thanks for sharing, Yvonne. I'm a great fan of trees too, I admire the big old trees like cedars or sequoias. They are so beautiful, strong and old, words cannot express what I feel when I'm looking at them. And I think that people should use electric or gas fireplaces instead of wood-burning stoves. Burning trees is something like killing persons...

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