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Friday Musings - A Lot of this a little of that

Yvonneby Yvonne DiVita

I watched the superbowl. For the first time in my young life. Oh, sure, I've been places where it was 'on' in the past, but I never watched it. This year, I decided to watch for the halftime show and the commercials, since they get so much media press. 

I'm woefully disappointed. 

The commercials were - ordinary, for the most part. I'm routinely disappointed with TV commercials, however. So, expecting more from the superbowl, where brands paid upwards of $3.5mill for 30 seconds, was just foolishiness on my part. Right? Yes, right. As far as I can tell, commercials these days are created by the same people who think Bridesmaids is a funny movie. Wait - I hear that Bridesmaids is a funny movie, just not my kinda funny. Ok, so, commercials are being made by new graduates from... kindergarten. Yes, that's better. It has to be kindergarten kids because so many commercials are just... plain...stupid. <sigh>

These, on Sunday, were just not what I'd hoped to see. Mostly. There were a couple that I liked. But, they weren't really all that good because now I can't remember them. 

On to the halftime show. 

The Madonna "look at me aren't i great as usual" show. I expected a show. Even a short one. I expected good music. I expected to be entertained. Oh, caveat: I am no fan of Madonna's. I consider her a minor talent who made it big because, if nothing else, she's a marketing genius.

Instead of a show, instead of being entertained, I felt the hafltime show was a "look at how great I am at 53" from a celebrity that could have done better. The 'show' was rather ordinary. Madonna seemed stiff, out of touch with her backup dancers and just lost in Madonna-land, where she lives most of the time, anyway. I've been criticized for saying she should just act her age because...what does that mean? The world routinely gets on women for not acting their age (if they are over 50) and I'm a defender of women... so, how can I pick on Madonna for prancing (yes, that's what she did, I know, you thought it was dancing) around stage singing 'like a virgin' and waving pom-poms? Cheerleaders

Here's how: Madonna could have made the show about her music, and not about her. (someone said, it is 'her' music but so what? like a virgin? pom-poms? she has far better music she could have showcased and she'd put on far better shows). Her choice clearly annoyed more than me - she was roundly criticized on Twitter - and many of my Facebook connections (who are fans of hers) said, "Like a virgin, really?"

Just saying. It wasn't only me in my old-age stodginess.

The issue isn't Madonna's age, folks. Yes, she's held up well. Who wouldn't... given her lifestyle - which SHE created, and which she deserves kudos for, sure, but... she works out, she has plenty of opportunity to eat properly, and she has had cosmetic surgery (don't tell me she hasn't - I won't believe you and besides, I approve.). Most people in her place (read: celebrities) do have all of that and will hold up well. As oppsosed to those of us who sit at a computer all day, or who live pay-check to pay-check, or who are worried about losing our job, our house, our kids...whatever.

The thing is, women today are so caught up in the age thing, in remaining young, in recalling their youth, in acting and dressing like they did when they were 20, they're missing out on so much they could be doing and focusing on - that speaks to their experience, their beauty, their wisdom, and the respect they deserve. Madonna perpetuates, the way many celebrities do, the youthful focus this country (and many others) has on remaining young. 

Mind you, I buy into on a regular basis. But, when I think about it, I stop and remember that I have more to offer because of my age, and that my 'looks' are just small part of who I am, I rebel against the focus on 'youth'. I rebel against the "must have a flat stomach" of youth; and the "must dress like a runway model" version of youth; and "must prove I'm not really growing old so I'll do this and this and this and when I'm back in my room, I'll cry," kind of thing. And, I expect someone like Madonna to thumb her nose at the whole "I must remain young" issue...because she is so fond of thumbing her nose at most of society's rules and expectations.

That's why I wish Madonna had sung songs that showed a woman's power. I wish she had not tried to put on a gymnastics show and concentrated, instead, on the beauty of her music. I wish she had shown what a talented woman she is, instead of trying to be the shocking girl of yesteryear. I wish, if she'd wanted to be 'shocking' that...she had been - really shocking, without caving to the youth goddess focus of her peers. 

Just my brazen opinion, you understand.

A little more - on Susan G. Komen - interesting how that all worked out, isn't it? It's now time to focus on breast cancer research as a scientific thing and a family affair, not just a woman thing. Get rid of the pink, folks. Men get breast cancer, too. Let's create a new campaign that encompasses everyone who cares about this issue - kids, Moms, Dads, Uncles, Grandmoms and Granddads, sons and more. Please.

A little bit on McDonald's and the pulling of their radio commercial saying their nuggets are safer than petting a "stray pit bull." The pet community put a stop to that, rightly so. First of all, pit bulls are maligned because of what people do to them, not because they, as a breed, are bad dogs. Second, one would do well to be cautious of any stray dog - who may bite out of fear or nervousness. Third, please... nuggets are not healthy. McDonald's knows this. The response, as noted on my petblog with a video from hundreds of pit bull owners, was justified and admirable.

Last, seems that Pinterest is cheating people. Making money on our pins. Hmmmm... disappointing but also, disturbing. Anyone know more about this? 


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Yvonne DiVita

Heeheee... I so agree, Mary. Cher is my favorite but really, it's time to just grow up! Ah, for the grace and beauty of those you mention, along with Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn. Real stars, in other words.

Mary Schmidt

I've never been a Madonna fan, however, like you I give her top marks for her marketing ability. How does she keep doing it? I didn't see the show, but did see clips (and the buzz and diss online).

My first thought - whenever I see her (or Cher) is not so much they're embarrassing themselves...but, "Hey, aren't they bored with that yet?" And, while both still look great (when made up and photoshopped) - they look plain scary in candid, unretouched photos. They even look scary in some of the retouched shots. (Good Lord, what has Cher done to her lips?) If this is the best cosmetic surgery can do, I'd rather look like a basset hound.

My second thought: Trying too hard. No matter how many hours Madonna spends at the gym, she's not 20 or even 25 anymore. Her ex (granted it was during the divorce) said it was like trying to cuddle with a piece of gristle.

It is possible to age gracefully and that doesn't mean giving up. Look at Catherine Deneuve, Meryl Streep, and Glenn Close - just to name three.

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