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Friday Musings - Because someone has women

by Yvonne DiVita

 Grandma-loves-frankieThis post is because I believe women need all the support we can get when it comes to work, healthcare, and family. I know we don't all agree on how that support should be delivered - but, we believe in the purpose, don't we? This week has had some troubling issues being reported in the news. And, coming to my email box. Here are a few that I find disturbing and which I hope you will participate in changing. 

Let me say that I'm all for accepting responsibility. I'm all for managing a budget. I'm all for getting out there and doing, instead of standing around whining. But, I am not for ignoring that some folks need a helping hand (needed one myself a few years back); nor am I able to address the national budget - I can manage my budget, and my business's budget, but to say I have answers on the national budget - no way. As for getting out there - many of us are doing that. Many of us are standing up for what we believe in. As you do that, please consider the fact that women still have a long way to go to achieve true equality and independence, in this country. 

Just think about the information I'm sharing via these links and let me know why you disagree or why you agree. I am interested in everyone's thoughts on these issues. As I said above, I don't have all the answers. I believe we, the women, need to stop name-calling and diversity and work together to get things done. 

Let's look at Baristas, the Hooters of Coffee, and their new venture - a reality TV show. Let me be upfront here: I have hooters. If you mean 'breasts'. I have... my fair share and then some. I've had a lot of attention paid to me throughout the years because of my ample bosoms.  Frankie-looking-up

It offends me to see Hooters play on the idea that big breasts are why you should eat at their restaurants. It offends me that Baristas Coffee, out of Seattle, is marketing itself saying, "hot young girls as servers." It offends me one cares.

I am not offended by the breasts of the wait staff at Hooters, or the attractiveness of the girls who work at Baristas. I am saddened by the way our girls continue to be marketed for their sexual allure and that too many of us look the other way because it's not our problem. <sigh>

Next up is a troubling note that came to me in my email box this week from I can only share and shake my head that this is actually happening:

During Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, a popular magazine for teens, XXL Magazine, ran a video interview with hip-hop artist Too $hort where he encouraged teenage and preteen boys to “turn girls out” by pushing them "up against the wall.” The recording artist continued, graphically urging his audience to put their hands inside the underwear of middle school-aged girls in order to achieve what he called “mind manipulation.” The magazine packaged the disturbing monologue with "upbeat child-themed music" under the headline “Fatherly Advice From Too $hort.”


Join us in calling on Harris Publications to fire XXL Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, who presides over the workplace culture that allowed such a grave misstep. When we do, we’ll send a message to the entertainment media industry that we won’t be silent when it broadcasts commentary that promotes sexual violence against girls and women.

As a footnote, my question is: why would any mother or father allow their child to read this magazine? Why is anyone buying it? I don't get it. Their 'eye candy' link is as disturbing as the announcement from Moms Rising. <bigger sigh - no, no links to the mag, sorry; I won't give them that privilege on my blog>

 My last note for the day is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, not to bring politics into the mix, but to remind everyone that women's health is more complicated than some folks on the political trail would like us to believe.

"Last week it was a Congressional panel on women’s health with five men and no women. This week, it was the GOP presidential candidates debating what women should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with their own health care choices," the note from the DCCC said. 

Know that I am pro-choice for many reasons. One of them is because I believe women need to be educated and taking choice away doesn't do that - it makes decisions for them. I believe in supporting good health for women because women support good health for the family. 

That's all. Do what you believe is right. Me, I'm standing up for having women participate in the discussion.






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Mary Coombs

Right on sista'! Totally agree and love that you take a stand for women!
Thank you Yvonne! You are my hero.

Mary Schmidt

I hear ya. Unfortunately, women can be their own worst enemy (hello, any woman who votes GOP this year. Really? How can you do that? Sorry. Went political there for a sec. But, c'mon...)

Part of the challenge is that many women don't remember the "bad old days" when we were expected to quit jobs when we got married, or pregnant. When companies routinely asked you about your reproductive history and plans. When men could (literally) chase women around the office and nobody thought anything of it. They take birth control for granted. And so on. They think us old folks are being no fun and too serious. *Sigh*

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