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By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Every four years we get an extra day added to the end of February, and today is that special day. Some say we should do something different with the day since it's an extra gift of time. However, today really is just... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita If I used my old college photo, or my legally issued ID from NYS (issued when I turned 18), or the pic of me here, taken when I was ... young... to get access to vote... I wouldn't be voting. I mean, seriously, do you look like... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita This post is because I believe women need all the support we can get when it comes to work, healthcare, and family. I know we don't all agree on how that support should be delivered - but, we believe in the purpose, don't we? This week has... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. I haven't had the chance to write a post about the holiday this year until now. It appears that marketers are the ones that are in love with the holiday more than any of us.... Read more →

Sharing the Rediscovery of Wonder

by Yvonne DiVita My thanks to Elizabeth Berry for sharing this TED talk by Janet Echelman on her Facebook page. I found it so inspiring and uplifting, I had to share with my Lip-sticking readers. The last bit of the 'talk' was life-changing it its simplicity - it echoes how... Read more →