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Friday Musings - A little bit and then a little bit more

Mom Envy via Facebook

Guest blog by Stacia Synnestvedt

Babaphoto3Mom envy, via Facebook.  It happens to the best of us, right?  I have found myself, over the years, boasting some envy over all the lovely pictures of the fun arts and crafts projects many of my mom friends do with their kiddos.  I have always loved arts and crafts, and after working with children for years, I was looking forward to the days of doing projects with my own little ones.   However, once reality set-in as a single mom who was running her own business, the energy to plan projects, go to the craft store for inspiration and supplies, and even finding time to do the projects seemed nowhere to be found.

When I was told about the BabbaBox, a concept created by a mama who had many of the same "where- Babaphoto1does-the-time-go" challenges as myself and likely many other busy moms, I was thrilled with the idea. It's a monthly subscription box following an educationally-themed topic that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids.  I was happy to jump at the opportunity to have an arts and crafts project, delivered to my door, to do with my son.

I was surprised by what the actual BabbaBox had to offer.  I was expecting one crafty project that would revolve around the theme of the month, in this case gratitude.  However, what I found was so much more.  There were four fun-filled projects, with a plethora of supplies, that my son and I had fun making into our own creations. After a few minutes of exploring the different options, it was clear that there was no way we could do it all in one sitting, and this kit could carry us through a weekly project for an entire month - woohoo!  The BabbaBox also contained a story book that told a wonderful tale around the monthly concept, links to phone apps connecting the idea, and a nice gift for me as a parent - this month, some refreshing tea that I could sip while engaging my child in the concept of gratitude.

Babaphoto2BabbaBox is aimed at children between the ages of three and six-years-old. My son - who is almost four - didn't like to follow the exact instructions for how to complete the projects, but I bet for most parents that's no real surprise, is it?  No matter, I'm certain the seeds around the concept of gratitude, a topic we talk about a lot in our house, were planted a little bit deeper.  One other point to consider is that the phone apps were only for iPhone/iPad, which may limit non- users  of such devices access to that portion of the bundle - but is a nice bonus for those of us that do have one!

Overall, for the price of $29.99 per month I'd recommend the BabbaBox to anyone looking for easy ways to connect on a creative and educational level with their children.  For me, it's a way to let go of the "I'm a bad mom" guilt because I don't have enough time to plan all of this out on my own - who cares how it gets done, it's the connection and time with your child that matters.  Why not let it be easy?

Bio: Stacia Synnestvedt, the mother to an ever-inquisitive 4-year old boy and soon-to-be newborn baby girl.  Her passion, and work, revolve around helping people - especially kids, women and parents - gain self-awareness through the understanding of energy and how to intentionally create their lives by developing trust in their own intuition as a usable tool, visit to learn more.


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small business crm

I am a career oriented person that I sometimes have more time for work than my kids. I bet I should balance work and family. I would definitely look and check out BabbaBox. Thanks!


Thanks for this tip, I'm off to check it out!

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