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Yvonne DiVita

As with all things digital, most brands and businesses need help with Facebook, twitter, blogs, what-have-you. They can plan and do their homework, but if they don't get professional help, they'll be lacking in the experience needed to deal with the bad and the ugly, along with the good. I think that's why pages get abandoned.

So, I think they should hire you. :-)

Mary Schmidt

Oh you know me, I'm the contrarian. :) So, here I go.

No, not every biz NEEDS to be on Facebook. And, even if it is a good fit for the type of business and the target customer, if the biz doesn't have the will and resources to do it right, they shouldn't do it. Think of the FB pages that are set up and then abandoned? Same problem we (still) have with web sites!

If you decide to go the FB route, then have a plan, do your homework and make sure you are ready for the bad and ugly along with the good.

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