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It's been awhile since I cared much about fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love clothes. I love shopping. I love watching shows that have a fashion focus. But, I don't obsess about them  - or me. I dress comfortably these days. And, I wear a lot of black. [this pic is from eons ago when I was...I think, 13! OMG!]

Imagine, however, being a designer - having fashion be your career - and having your work shown at the Oscars - on the body of 'someone' who can connect you to all the important someones you need to know to rise to that next level. Say what you will about the Oscars (they're overdone, their tawdry, they don't focus on reality), this is one major event on one night of the year. To be able to be part of it by having someone attending wear your designs - is lifechanging.

Seriously, don't you watch it for the fashion, just a little bit? Don't you want to see who's wearing whom? I do. It takes me back a bit, back to the days when I could wear those kinds of beautiful dresses - and did. I love seeing the stars parade the red carpet. I love watching them rise to the stage to accept their awards. And, yes, I love it when one of them goes totally out of Oscar character and brings himself or Fashions-big-break herself to the stage, whatever that may be.

Now that I'm a business person, I look at the Oscars with another eye. With the, "If we could get backstage; if we could get noticed by <insert name of star here>, we'd have it made! It would be our big break!"

But, big breaks come in all sizes, don't they? While an event as big and fantastic as the Oscars can make you - it can also 'break' you. What if you did get into the Oscars - back stage? What if you were suddenly thrust in the limelight? How would you manage? Remember that old commercial of a new web company launching their ecommerce site and watching the sales come in - so fast that they ended up in a panci because it crashed their website.

The video in this post (click the image here) is a short story about one woman's success story at the Oscars. It makes one think a bit...

I will watch the Oscars for the fashion and the fun, and I'll continue to imagine my own success - where the likes of Merly Streep or Julia Roberts or George Clooney or Betty White find out about BlogPaws and because of their love of animals, they decide to come pay us a visit. 

"Look who stopped by, BlogPawsers - it's... Betty White!"

Ah, one can dream. It's what the Oscars are all about, isn't it? 

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April Neylan

I for one love watching the Oscars for the fashion side of things :) This is a great video / story. Thanks for sharing!

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