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Want It Done? Give to A Woman.

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter

When Toby Bloomberg, Yvonne and I had our first con call with Jeff Power, of Global Hope Network Int'l, re our Adopt-A-Village project, at one point, I said, "No offense, but if you want it done, give to a woman."  Jeff's reply: "No argument from me!" 

Peace-WalkAnd, here's yet another example of woman power, from GHNI's web site (posted by Jeff).  A peace walk near GHNI's Kenyan villages.   From Jeff's post: 

"Isiolo town is our GHNI base in central Kenya, as our staff diligently help the surrounding poor villages.

Violence between tribal groups escalated again in recent months, ebbing and flowing. Deaths have occurred sometimes weekly. Our staff are wisely limiting their movement to and from our villages, as they daily monitor and evaluate safety conditions.

There is hope, and our staff are among those contributing to it. Many people are passionately working toward lasting peace and a change of mentalities.

Just this week for instance, hundreds of women in Isiolo formed a Peace Walk to urge everyone toward reconciliation and peaceful cooperation."

Hundreds.  Yes, hundreds.  I think the sign sums it up better than I ever could.  "We belong to each other."  

Indeed. They may be all the way over in Kenya, but it's a very, very small world.  We belong to each other.   

More on GHNI (my All The Single Girlfriends posts)  


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I love the power of what women can accomplish with their very special set of skills. Go Goddesses! :)

April Neylan

Great article Mary! Totally agree :)

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