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Who, other than the Giants or Patriots, will come out winners from Super Bowl XLVI?

 By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

SuperBowlXLVIThis Sunday I will be one of the millions watching Super Bowl XLV1 and hoping for a good game, which it should be. As I've stated in my posts over the past couple of weeks, I'm behind the New York Giants all the way and would love to see Eli Manning get another super bowl win, especially while in his brother Peyton's home stadium. I'm sure Peyton will be there also, just not on the field this year.

I'm also hoping to see some real social media integration with the advertising campaigns that we see. If the advertisers are paying an average of $3.5 million for a spot, you would think they would try and get the most bang for their bucks. Last year I called it the "Social Super Bowl" and was disappointed with the overall advertising experience. Other than posting ads on social media, the brands did very little to really engage people and integrate social media into their strategies.

Other than the Giants beating the Patriots, who else is going to come out a winner? Last year the Volkswagen Darth Vader ad scored the highest in the USA Ad Meter for best liked ad. (What was not to like?) Volkswagen utilized social media to post the ad on their blog, on YouTube and their Facebook page five days before the game and it had 13 million views before kickoff. Sine then the ad as gotten numerous awards and nearly 50 million views on YouTube.

This year Volkswagen has already launched The Bark Side, a teaser video featuring a chorus of dogs barking The Imperial March. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is. I love it and think it's brilliant (especially since I'm a sucker for doggies!). It currently has over 10 million views on YouTube. If you click through to YouTube you will also be given the opportunity to view their new game time ad called "The Dog Strikes Back".

Papa John's, the Official Pizza of the NFL, decided not to run an ad during the game last year, but instead launched a huge promotion. They offered a free, large, three-topping pizza to all of its online rewards program members if the game went into overtime as well as a $45 Papa John’s gift card every 45 seconds to randomly selected consumers who ordered its pizzas online during game day.

This resulted in Papa John’s selling over a million pizza's during game day which beat it's previous Super Bowl Sunday sales record of 940,000 pizzas in 2010. Of course they didn't give out the free pizzas since the game last year didn't go into overtime. BTW, the Super Bowl has never gone into overtime, so the odds where in their favor. Papa John's did increase their loyalty membership numbers significantly though from this.

PapaJohnsSuperBowlNow this year's promotion has a little better odds for their rewards members. They're offering a free, large, one-topping pizza and a two-liter Pepsi MAX to each member depending on the game’s coin toss. To be eligible people have to be a rewards program and call either heads or tails on the toss at Tomorrow, Feb. 2, Papa John's will announce on their website what America's choice was and then if that choice is correct on game day all members will win. I just voted and went with heads. So we'll see.

Papa John’s is also running another sweepstakes but instead of giving away gift cards, their giving away pizzas. This year they have been randomly selecting winners from among online pizza-orders every 46 seconds each weekend starting back on Friday, Dec. 30, and ending on this Saturday, Feb. 4, the evening before game day. To follow the "No Purchase Necessary" requirement, rewards members also can enter without ordering a pizza, by following instructions in the Official Rules.

This year Papa John's has also created a promotional 30-second spot TV spot that stars Super Bowl champions Peyton Manning and Jerome “The Bus” Bettis kibitzing in a football stadium with Papa John's founder/chairman/CEO “Papa” John Schnatter talking about the coin-toss promotion. The commercial first aired during Jan. 22’s NFC and AFC Championship games, and has been airing since then.

They have integrated social media into the campaign by including a dedicated Twitter hashtag (#freepapajohns). Also when participants vote online for the coin-toss they have the option to sign into Facebook to “personalize” their experience. I did and I got to see my Facebook profile photo with my name up on the scoreboard in the stadium integrated into the online video. It happened so quickly though I almost missed it. So not the best social media integration I would say.

So now I two have a chance of being a winner after this Sunday's Big Game. Either I could win a free pizza from Papa John's along with an actual Chevy and other prizes from Chevy's Gametime app. (Plus some cash if my squares come out lucky!) It's great to see promotions playing a big role in these marketing strategies. Plus. I'm sure Volkswagen and Doritos won't be the only ads with animals in them. Hope you enjoy the game. I'll be writing a post game review next week. So please check back.


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B. Viar

Nice article - everybody is getting crazy about the Super Bowl commercials - that's the main reason I am watching it. The Volkswagen ad is super awesome.

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