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You Can Save The World for Only 40 Cents! (Ack, Ack)

Yep. I know. That sounds way over the top.  But it's not really.  Stay with me here.

We'll never be able to save the whole world. But, we can save a bit of it. Those bits could (eventually) add up to the whole. I've been writing about our Adopt-A-Village project for several weeks now, at my blog, here, and at All The Single Girlfriends.

Good newsImagesWonderful photos. Examples. All well and good, but now's the time for us to step up and make a difference. That difference is 4 dimes a day. 

Still with me? Good. Think of all the things you CAN'T buy with 40 cents:

You can't buy a cup of coffee with 40 cents.

You can't buy a bottle of water with 40 cents.

You can't buy a lipstick for 40 cents.

Yet, if you join the Tanah Keke village, that's 40 cents a day ($12/month). That 40 cents will help women in a forgotten part of the world create a better life for themselves and their families.

Only 100 of us can join the village. And, if we choose, we can even visit the village in May.   Why only 100?  Because GHNI is serious about staying focused on low-cost, low-tech solutions to a village‚Äôs core problems. So they've decided that 100 partners at $12 per month provides enough funding. Achievable. Doable. Real.  They're not asking for a lot. They can just do a lot. With your 40 cents a day.  


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I really applaud people's efforts to bring awareness to issues of humanity in other countries but I can't help but wonder what good could be done in the US if we put that same effort on awareness in our own country. ?? Just a thought. I have heard on NPR about extremely rural and poor areas of the US where people don't have access to proper medical care simply b/c there are no facilities that house any medical doctors. No dentists, no OBGYN's, etc. Some of these people don't have the means to drive hours to see a doctor each time they have an ache or pain so they just go without. There are much more worse situations but that if the most recent story I have heard of. I'm from a rural area in WV and know all too well about the poverty that exists there. People do still live in dirt floor homes in some areas of the US. Some people do NOT have an indoor toilet. These are the realities that most of us ignore b/c they aren't clustered together in the size of a country - they are interspersed among the back roads than the middle and upper class are too far removed from to ever find.

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