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Friday Musings - I don't need no stinking gun!

Yvonne-transby Yvonne DiVita

I know it's dangerous to go where I'm about to go, but go there I will. 

Here's what I think about the recent shooting in Fl - it was caused by someone carrying a gun. Not by the people involved. HAD no guns been introduced into the fight, both persons would probably have 'walked' away - injured, perhaps, but, alive. Both might be being questioned about why and how the altercation occurred. Without he introduction of a gun into the fray, both parties might have sustained non-lethal injuries... and both been responsible for causing them (to themselves and to each other), and both been held accountable. 

I hear the gun lobby saying, "What if one of them had a knife?" But, one of them didn't - to my knowledge.

Or, "People kill each other with fisticuffs too!" Agreed. And, I suppose it could have happened - since one party was a bit bigger than the other (if the videos on TV are to be respected). But, in that case, we wouldn't be wondering who did what, would we?

I'm tired of the "guns don't kill people, people kill people." Guns DO kill people. In many, many cases... that's the whole purpose of the gun. To kill someone. Seriously... people who have grudges, who need a firearm to feel powerful, who insist they only carry a gun for protection, are - IMBO - looking for excuses to use it. And, they are hoping it will kill someone. 

Wow...way out there, I know. I hear some women shouting at me, "I carry a gun for protection!" And I understand that. It's been said that women out after dark - just shopping or walking to a friend's or whatever - will likely be raped, as well as mugged or robbed. After all, it's easy to do and seldom punished. Women still don't like to report it. So, men can leave with your money and valuable, and your respect and integrity. 

Women who carry a concealed weapon do feel more powerful. But, are they? I doubt it. Send me studies proving your case, and I'll consider changing my mind. The problem with law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons is - they don't have the personality to use it. Criminals are way ahead of us, on that front. And very, very few women can overpower a determined MAN - who also has a weapon. 

Colorado just gave students on the campus of CU permission to carry concealed weapsons because... well, they need them, obviously. With campus shootings so rampant across the country, and the world, students need to protect themselves, don't you think? 

No. I don't. I think...this gives criminals a really easy and effective way to... kill people. Oh, but, some of you are saying, if a crazy person starts shooting, the other folks carrying concealed weapons can shoot back - and save the day! Wow. That makes sense. Unless...the shooter is hidden and...takes them out before they can get their concealed weapon out. Unless...the weapon is in 'her' purse and...she drops it while she's running to safety.

Here's my stance. Guns do kill people. They get a lot of help from 'people' who misuse them. They cause more harm than good (in the form of giving us protection). The old whine from the gun lobby that "if we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them" makes sense to me. If guns are outlawed and only policemen can legally carry them...and you have one but you're not in law're an outlaw and you go to jail. Will you likely kill someone before you are caught and go to jail... maybe. But, maybe not.

In light of what happened in Fl, in view of the fact that guns do kill people (with a lot of help from the people), I cannot imagine why the gun lobby continues to ignore the need for better gun control. This article in the NY Times says it way better than I have said it here: More Guns, Fewer Hoodies.

Now you know. I'm for gun control. 


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Mary Schmidt

Criminals will always be able to get guns. Because they're - um - criminals. It's absolutely insane that people on the Terror watch list can buy guns...and I believe the NRA lobbied for that!

I'm adding gun control to my list of hot issues. 1. Women's rights (Sigh, yes, we're there again. Really. On 2012. Heads up young women who don't think you have to worry. Yes, you do. And, not voting is not an option.) 2. Gun control.

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