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From Where I Sit - Friday Musings

Grumpy-old-lady-and-meby Yvonne DiVita

If it's Friday, I'm probably here, in front of my computer. Actually, I'm here every day. Saturday and Sunday, too. 

Don't feel bad for me. I like being in front of my computer. It means I work from home (great cartoon depiction of working from home here). I get to pause and look out the sliding glass doors into the backyard when the dogs are frolicking about. Or, barking at their neighbor dogs. I get to watch CNN or Dr. Phil, and Rachael Rae (yes, I probably spelled her name wrong, sorry!), and I get to have unlimited coffee right around the corner. Mind you, two cups is my limit but some days - I drink the whole pot!

A few months ago when I was visiting daughter #2, to spend time with granddaughter #2, she said to me, "Mom, my friend [let's call him Joe because I can't remember his real name] thinks you have the best job in the world."

"Really?" I replied, stopping to babble at the baby, who was thoroughly charmed by my funny faces. Seriously, aren't babies the best? "What did you tell him I do?"

"I told him you're a blogger," she answered, in her most matter-of-fact 'what do you think I told him?' voice. 

"Oh. Well, I'm more than a blogger," I answered. Baby-frankie-and-froggie

"No, you're a blogger," she said. "I know - you have a business but it's blogging. He's fascinated by that. He'd love to get paid to blog."

And there you have it. "He'd love to get paid to blog." 

I don't get paid to blog. I did get paid "to blog" sort of - when my petblog was sponsored by Purina. But, the truth is - I get paid to provide a service. This blog and BlogPaws and my other work is more than the words I type in a blog post. My 'work' is connecting people, it's sharing valuable information, it's studying, learning and understanding what people want in various areas - one is the pet world, another is women who are in business. The tools I use are formed from technology - social 'media' is a strong foundation for me.

When folks gush about what I do, "You're a blogger? Wow! They pay you to do that?" I just smile and nod, and if they really want to know, I explain it to them. I'm a writer. I'm a business professional. I'm a media maven - my purpose is to keep you informed, reader. It's to bring you together with brands that want to sell to you. It's to stay on the leading edge of what's new - in technology and in marketing. It's hard work.

I didn't go into that much detail for my daughter. Let her friend think I blog and get paid for blogging. I hear some people actually do.


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caren gittleman

You are lucky, when I say I am a "blogger" people look at me with a blank stare lol.

Shame, shame...yesss I know you said you misspelled it, but it is Rachael Ray!!!


Sybil Stershic

You may be overlooking one of your most valuable services, Yvonne. You not only connect people, you help make their ideas tangible.. It's a privilege to work with you.

Now get back to work! LOL ... I better do the same.

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