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Women You Should Know: Spotlight On
Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

From the Editor's Desk. This came across our desks and we simply had to share! Check out their website for more information on the co-founders. 

Women You Should Know a website founded by entrepreneurial mavens Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig in Picture1 September 2011, delivers an original and refreshing look at the many exceptional, everyday women all around us who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared. The site, fast gaining momentum, is designed for and about dynamic women, covering their drive and passion, their interesting stories and professional talents, what they care about, what they consume and how they live.

“Over the course of our careers and lives, we continue to meet women who inspire us or who we find truly interesting. They are accomplished, building their own self-made futures, reinventing themselves or just doing really cool things. But, these women don’t get the attention they deserve because their stories don’t necessarily have the glitz and glamour that make for a splashy news item or headline. With Women You Should Know, we set out to create a community where these anything-but-average women’s stories could be told and heard,” explains Jen Jones, Co-Founder and Managing Editor.

The primary purpose of Women You Should Know is to shine a spotlight on women who are making things happen in their world. “It is important for us to ensure that the many compelling stories that we come across serve as sources of inspiration that will encourage other women to realize their own dreams and perhaps even change the course of their own lives,” adds Cynthia Hornig, Co-Founder and Editorial Director.

The site posts premium editorial content daily, which includes exclusive interviews and profiles of a variety of women with diverse backgrounds, across all ages, who people should know. In addition, it covers a range of lifestyle topics and how they relate to women: career, consumption, health and wellness, entertainment, sports/athletics, political and off beat news, etc. A new feature is the recurring series - The ‘Hood. Posts in this special category focus on one of the major and very complex aspects of being a female today - womanhood in relation to motherhood. At the heart of The ‘Hood series is the idea that while motherhood is contingent on womanhood, the reverse is just not true.

One of the most compelling features of Women You Should Know is the site’s original series of expertly produced video profiles (new profiles are posted once a month). These mini-documentary films feature interviews and an in-depth look at remarkable females that cross all age groups and professional paths.

When the site launched on September 7, 2011, Women You Should Know commemorated the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center with a special series dedicated to the Women First Responders of 9/11, including a profound video profile of retired FDNY Captain Brenda Berkman. Subsequent video profiles have included: an expert jewelry author, curator and editor; the founder of a social media conglomerate; the innovative owner of an influential casting agency; an overnight, HSN superstar; an expert traveler and pioneering cable television personality. The common thread that all of these very different women share is their unstoppable determination to pursue their passions, which can serve as inspiration for any woman.

Because Women You Should Know prides itself on being an engaging community for dynamic women, there is an interactive aspect of the site - the “Your Stories” section - which showcases reader submitted stories about women in their own communities who are doing extraordinary things, but perhaps not getting the recognition that they deserve.

“We know there are fantastic, incredible, interesting, passionate and inspiring women around every corner,” acknowledges Hornig. “Since Women You Should Know can’t be everywhere or know everyone, we want to encourage our readers to tell us about the women they think we should know...our team is ready to listen,” she adds.


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