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I Have Nothing Against Mothers

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter 

Ann Romney hasn't worked a day in her life. - Hilary Rosen

Some of my favorite people are moms (Hey, Yvonne!)  I still have a mom. But, now that the outrage has died down a bit, I encourage us to not forget the key point.

Ms. Romney was not attacked for being a "stay-at-home" mom. Hilary Rosen (a mom herself) wasn't  saying mothers don't work. What she was trying to say (albeit, badly) was Ms. Romney can't relate to what many women face every day - economic uncertainty, tight budgets, and low-paying jobs. Yet, she's the one that her husband apparently relies on for the "woman's perspective."  

Of course, the kersnuffle was a gift to the Romney campaign. Ms. Romney was even overheard saying the remark was an "early birthday gift" and told an NRA conference that she was "proud to have stayed at home." (I'm resisting digressing re gun control here, really, as difficult as that is...)

*Sigh* Please. Let's not let the GOP treat women as if we're all too stupid to understand the real issue.  It's about the money, not the motherhood.

Then there's the dark nasty secret (that we all know but it's terribly politically incorrect to say out loud.) Being a good mom is very hard work, regardless if you stay at home or not. The key word here is "good."  Haven't we all known moms that - well - were terrible?  The kids ran wild; the house was a mess; dinner came out of a box or can and the mom watched a lot of soap operas.  Or, if they had money, the housekeeper and cook did their jobs, the mom spent a lot of time shopping and lunching...and the kids ran wild.   

My mom stayed at home and operated a bookkeeping service from a desk in the living room.  She also had a paper route.  Whatever it took to bring in the money.  All while keeping an immaculate house (I never used a towel twice...and she ironed my dad's boxer shorts!), making dinners from scratch...and apparently never sleeping.  

Now, Ann Romney may be a wonderful woman and a great mom...but she never got up at 3 a.m. for her paper route because her family needed the money.

Remember. It's about the money, not the motherhood. 





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Yvonne DiVita

Mary, I think it's about more than the money. When it comes to women who are stay at home moms or 'working' moms, it's about recognition, money, respect, and society's inability to recognize the value of children. The GOP is taking this and twisting it into a them vs us issue - them being women who will take the truth and make it into something it isn't to serve her husband, and the women who sincerely care about their families... IMBO

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