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Inspiring Yourself At Work

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? The idea that one item or change can set off a cycle of Picture1 sequences and consequences? The Butterfly Effect is based on the Chaos Theory that explains the butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world changes the weather pattern in another part. 

Whether you believe in the Butterfly Effect, you've likely experienced something akin to it during your work or daily life. Imagine you wake up in a good mood but then the coffee maker is broken so you go to the drive thru and the clerk is surly and they get your order wrong, then you get to work and your boss calls you on the carpet for a mistake with a client. See what I mean... your day spirals downward following the broken coffeemaker and it probably won't get better until your head hits the pillow that night. 

If one small change can make your day go horribly wrong, it stands to reason that a change for the better will make the day go right, right? 

Imagine you're at work -- whether you work in an office or from home -- the phone rings and you need to take notes. You can't find paper and once you do, the only pen you can find is one that is blotchy ink everytime you write a word. It's a mess and so is your hand. This incident could set the tone for a bad day... if you let it. And I have to admit that as a writer, if I have a pen that blotches ink or drags across the paper when I write rather than flowing smoothly, it can interrupt the flow of my thoughts and my words. Proper equipment is key to doing your job well. 

Are there little irritations that send your day down a "bad" path? Are there things you can do to address those little irritants so they don't pop up to Butterfly Effect your day toward badness? Of course there are.  

Take a few moments, or a half an hour if necessary, and look around your environment. are there items you see that could make your work day easier? Putting only pens you like in an easy-to-reach spot? Having notebook paper available? Picking up the stacks of magazines off the floor so they don't fall over every time you walk past? 

Simply spending a few moments at the beginning or end of every day can make you feel more productive, happy and organized. Consider changing the background desktop picture on your computer to coincide with the weather -- or conversely if you're living in a snowy area, why not change it to a beach photo? A little change can set the right mood. 

Are there background noises that distract and irritate you? Are you listening to the news in the background while you work and are the stories of famine, despair and nasty politics draining your energy? They very well could be. Change your background music or sounds and see if it elevates your mood and your productivity.  

Take a break. Literally. Get up, walk around, leave the house if the weather permits. Even a five minute break can ease tension and enhance your flow of creativity. 

 Here are a few items to look at when looking to make small changes: 

  1. Pick one item that you can easily change today... right now
  2. Write down five items that irritate you on a daily basis and work to change them
  3. Take a moment to enjoy your freedom from the irritants and be inspired

  What are your irritants and how can you change them for the better?


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Sharla Shults

Great blog! Found your site quite by accident. This posting became inspiration for catnipoflife. . . Please visit @ Sharla

Carol Bryant

Very inspiring on a day I really needed it - ty!

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