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Overcome Your Addiction To Busyness

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I was in church the other day and the message was about busyness. It was pertinent because I have a hard time saying no to projects and in light of some recent health issues, I know that I have to learn to say no.

Do you ever feel your life is overcome with busyness? That you can't find a way to step back and just say Picture2 "no"? Many entrepreneurs are plagued with the "Yes syndrome." A project comes along and they simply can't step back and turn it down; whether it's because of a fear of losing a project, and therefore income, or whether it's a chronic need to please clients, constantly saying "yes" can lead to burn out. 

There are several times in your business career when you should say yes and they include: 
  1. Is the opportunity in harmony with your life-calling? Are you undertaking a life mission that this opportunity would meld into? If so, then give a hearty yes. 
  2. Does the opportunity coincide with your life and your business convictions?
  3. Has the opportunity arisen through connections with reliable companions and do you find support from your closest family, friends and advisors for this opportunity?
  4. Does this new opportunity meet needs in the culture in which you thrive? 
  5. Will the opportunity advance your life's mission statement? Does it mesh with your business statement, mission and vision?

When an opportunity arises, take the time to apply these five items before you give out a yes to an opportunity that will add to your busyness. 



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Carol Bryant

This is so timely and I am so thrilled you wrote this, Robbi! I feel like too many people have become robots and relaxing and just "being" has become a thing of the past. I am working very diligently now to purposefully change that, do what I love, and make a difference with the one life I get.. ;)

Jennifer the Story Lady

I get in the "busy-ness" rut when I've put a plan into action, but have to wait to see how it goes. I don't deal well with the waiting - I fill with nervous energy and wind up doing a lot of semi-productive things, which only makes me more tense.


I resemble this post!

For me the loop I get stuck in is that I feel I need to know more before I start. The more I look into something, the more I learn that I need to know, and the project still remains un-started.

I'm REALLY busy, yet completely unproductive. Not good!

Mary Schmidt

Are you doing it to avoid something you really don't want to do? (I'm too busy!)

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