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TGIF: Take one bite of the elephant

White treeBy Amanda Ponzar

It's Friday, and I'm supposed to post on Thursday, so once again, like usual, it's been that kind of week...month...year...couple of years.

All I want to say today on Friday is TGIF -- and talk about being thankful. Yes, I've posted on "The Power of Giving Thanks" before. It really works.

Yesterday, my husband and I emailed back and forth what we are thankful for. Just start with three things. Everyone can think of three, no matter how tough your life is right now.

Do it right now with your spouse, friend, coworker, partner, or just by yourself. Ours were simple things: the kids, jobs that pay our bills, sunshine, friends, house, good memories, good health, God -- then we got into things like coffee, favorite movies, etc. Heck, even chocolate.

PollyannaWe can either focus on what's wrong (and there's always plenty of that if you look, especially if you read any news) or focus on what's RIGHT. Not to say we play Pollyanna's glad game, but rather strive to be joyful and find peace right where we are.

And if you can't do that, maybe it's time for change. Change is not usually easy but change is often good. Sometimes we need to move, switch things up, try something new, start something. Sometimes the restlessness means something is wrong or we're stagnating. But that's the point of this post and being thankful, rather than dwell on it and gripe, whine and moan, take action. Update your resume and apply for a new job. Begin networking. Start a new volunteer activity. Start exercising or eating healthier meals. Get together with a favorite friend. Make a new friend. One dollar at a time, pay down your debt. Whatever the issue is, tackle it headfirst, even if it means only taking one bite of the elephant at a time.


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Carol Bryant

Love this! Thank YOU and happy weekend.

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