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We "Found Our Beach" in Mexico, along with a few Coronas

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Kevin&I-MexicoHola. Por favor excuse my absence last week while I was on vacation in Mexico with my husband, Kevin. We had a lovely time and it was the first visit we made to this area which they call the Maya Rivera. The resort we stayed in was south of Cancun, about half way to Playa del Carmen. We both agreed we would like to visit again, so I'm going to try to learn more Spanish in the meantime. I haven't taken a course since high school!

I'm not a world traveler, but the times I have traveled outside of this country have always been very insightful experiences. They remind me that America is not the center of the world, as much as many of us Americans think it is. While we were in a resort area, we did not sit at the resort everyday and had rented a car which allowed us to get out and explore a bit. My family and friends cautioned us before we left. "Be careful, don't go to far from the resort. Mexico is not a safe place to visit." While I agree we needed to be cautious, these statements are true no matter where you go. Just think of the horrible tragedy that happened just yesterday at a small college in Oakland, CA.

What I wanted to point out is that all the local Mexicans that we met, those that worked at the resort, the local Walmart in Playa del Carmen, the guides that took us out on their boats to snorkel the reef, we're all so very pleasant. Yes, many rely on us tourists to make a living, however, there appeared to be a genuine friendless that I found more with them then with the average American. My husband and I would both wake up early every morning and go for a jog or a walk around the resort. Each employee we passed would make eye contact and greet us with either a hola or buenos dias. In contrast, not all the resort's guests were as friendly. So we can learn something here.

Anyhow, to tie this post into a marketing topic I'm going to step back to the week before we left when I was in Chicago for PMA's Annual Marketing Conference. Here I got to listen to Jim Sabia from Crown Imports talk Corona-Beachto us about Corona's biggest ever promotional marketing campaign, "Find Your Beach". Corona was the beer of choice during our Mexican vacation which we were able to stock up on from the local Walmart since we were lucky enough to have a refrigerator in our room. I've always liked Corona's advertising and could picture myself on a beach whenever I saw the ads. Corona appears to be marketing much more to women then Budweiser or Labatt, who feature babes and stupid jokes in most of their commercials.

Jim shared with us that the "Corona Beach Getaway" sweepstakes they executed last year included a full 360O engagement. They promoted the sweepstakes on promotional packaging of all their 12-packs, in-store retail point-of-sale, on premise in bars and restaurants, through PR events, digital ad buys, outdoor ads, social media, and in their TV spots. The sweepstakes offered a chance to win one of 100 trips to Mexico by finding a winning custom-wrapped Corona beach bottle or can, each with a unique code, that were randomly inserted into packages nationwide. Consumers used the code to enter the random drawing which awarded more than 1,700 prizes that included Corona-branded patio umbrellas, rolling coolers and beach cabana tents, along with the trips.

This promotion Jim stated delivered at least $845K in incremental cases of volume over the last two years. So, Corona is planning to launch this sweepstakes again this year with a target date in May.

BeachKevin and I definitely found our beach while in Mexico. Our favorite was here at Puerto Morelos, which is a small fishing village south of Cancun. The reef is just off shore which is part of the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest reef system in the world, which is now a protected National Marine Park. We brought our cooler with Corona's each day that we visited. But don't tell too many people about this great beach. We don't want too many tourists to find out about it. Adios for now!


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