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Facebook promotions together with ads are a winning combination

Are You Making The Most of Facebook?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Just when you get a handle on Facebook, it changes the next day, right? You update your page and your Picture1 banner photo and the next thing you know, it’s changing again. Now with the recent implementation of Timeline, are you making the most of your time on this social media platform and is it working for your business the way you hoped it would? There are many steps you can take to enhance the time you spend on Facebook.

Here are five steps you can take to make your business more visible on Facebook:

  1. Did you know that Facebook has its own ranking system? It’s called Edgerank and it measures the information that you will see in your newsfeed. The more relevant and the more frequently you post, the higher your Edgerank and the more loved you will be by Facebook and the more frequently you will appear in the newsfeeds of your followers.
  2. Are you cultivating active fans or are they lurking about? If you have 200 active fans you’re better off than if you have 2,000 lurkers. Many people may follow your newsfeed but never comment and they aren’t helping your rankings or making your newsfeeds show up in the active list.
  3. Do you use Facebook ads? You can set the amount you want to spend but it can’t hurt to try them and see how they will work for your business. A Facebook ad will help you promote your goods or services. Feature your posts and ads based on the demographics that you choose.
  4. Do you have a Facebook strategy? If you’re simply popping in with no “good” reason, your content won’t be seen. You need to keep your followers engaged and build conversation. Ask questions, solicit comments, build fans as well as followers!
  5. Follow the “rule of three” every day. Post three status updates, follow three new people and comment on three updates posted by your followers.

Making Facebook an integrated part of your overall marketing strategy will amp up your visibility, gain you more quality followers and above all, make you stand out from the crowd as an expert in your particular specialty. All of these steps will eventually lead to more sales, and that’s what it’s all about, right? 


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The problem with FB is that nobody is interested in watching your business posts and none is going to visit them.
I see your point of using Facebook for marketing purposes. But the majority users on FB are interested in photo sharing, jokes and other interesting content.
Because of this, I don't see much use of FB.


Certainly facebook and all other social media sites play vital role in promotion of businesses but despite of spending whole day on social media sites, time given must be calculated as well as on regular basis.


All points mentioned above are very valueable and helpful. Three things i juged so far from my personal experience are consistancy, relevancy and regularity are the most important part to make our business more visible on facebook

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