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Facebook promotions together with ads are a winning combination

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Facebook-logo-computer-200.hteaseThe big Facebook IPO day came and went last Friday. It was a huge disappointment and the stock continues to get worse this week. I'm glad I'm not one who bought any of it. First General Motors announced a few days before the launch that they're pulling all their Facebook advertising, $10 million worth, because it hasn't delivered effective results. Then a study comes out that says nearly half of Facebook users never click on ads. This survey was conducted by advertising agency Greenlight which found that 44% of Facebook users “never,” or will ever, click on ads or sponsored posts while using the social media site.

However, General Motors is not walking away from Facebook by any means. They stated that Facebook is still a very important part of their marketing strategy and they will continue to focus on creating engaging content on their page and to solicit feedback from their fans. So this says that content is still king and always has been, no mater what the medium. Running promotions on your Facebook page and offering your fans chances to win prizes and receive special discounts and offers is still one of the top reasons that users visit and Like a Facebook page. Those users that engage on a page by entering a sweepstakes or contest and then share that activity with their friends is the type of social media advertising that is working.

France-Rail-Pass-LikeUsHere's an interesting new promotion we recently launched for a client on Facebook that is getting more "people talking about this". Rail Europe is promoting their France Rail Pass this month and are giving away one 1st class rail pass a day for 31 days. The Ready, Set, Devinette Sweepstakes Game kicked off last Tuesday, May 15, and runs through June 14. Devinette is French for trivia. Each day a different photo is featured that is undeniably French and the user needs to correctly guess where or what it is. All the featured photos are magnificent, so it's worth playing just to view them.

Fans of Rail Europe can come back to the page every day, play the game and enter for a chance to win. They can also find out the answer to the previous day's question and whether they guessed correctly. It's fun and at the same time a great way to educate users on the many diverse areas of France. I've been randomly drawing a winner a day and have noticed that there are many repeat players. A person can play every day, but only win once.

Another great thing about this promotion is that we were able to get it up and running very quickly. I have been using a Facebook application called Shortstack which has many different tools and widgets that you can use to put together a program such as this without the need for building a custom app. It did take some time on my part since I had to set up 31 different days that link to 31 different databases. But I was able to do it and I'm not a developer. I did, however, get some help from one of the Shortstack developers who added a line of Java script code that enables a hotspot in the image to automatically open up each correct daily form.

Rail_Europe-InsightsThe Facebook page Insights show a significant increase in reach since this promotion was launched and it appears that many of the visits have been paid, therefore the ads are working. The number of new Likes jumped dramatically on the first and second day of the promotion, double what the previous week was showing. Since then it's averaging about 50% more likes each day. So we'll see if this continues.

So please check out the promotion here and let me know what you think. Would something similar to this be a good fit for your Facebook brand page?

Here's today's photo and devinette question. Do you know the answer?

Day9-Chambord-CastleA hunting lodge built for the first Francois, it’s the largest chateau in the Valley Loire. Where am I?


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Hi Donna,
surely it is beautiful I have never been to France yet but would love to visit this place.

Donna DeClemente

Hi Sara,
You guessed correctly. Isn't it beautiful? Check out today's photo.


Really facebook and other social media sites play big role in promotion; the way they are promoting is unique and beneficial. Picture is of the Royal Chateau de Chambord France.

Donna DeClemente

Thanks Ella for pointing out these other benefits of the promotion. It is going well and we're getting more and entries and likes a day, plus there are many repeat users. Glad you like it.

Ella McDaniel

The best part of this promotion is the repetition intrinsic in a daily interaction with the page. The constant reinforcement of Rail Europe as important will bring customers back when they're actually travelling. The newsfeed structure encourages a constant reminder of companies, but this incentivizes it!

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