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Friday Musings: Procrastination

Yvonneby Yvonne DiVita

We all do it. Procrastinate. Some of us are more guilty of it than others. We push off tasks that we aren't ready to do - to tomorrow or next week or next month. And, when it comes time to do those tasks, we're less prepared to tackle them than we were at the onset. Why?

Experts abound to explain why people do this. In the end, knowing why doesn't always solve the problem.

Take travel for business, for instance. Me, I hate traveling. If I have a business trip on my schedule, I'll ignore it till the cows come home. Almost as if it might go away if I pretend it's not there. The problem then is - by the time I realize it's practically upon me, the cost of airfares have gone up more than $100 and I'm angry at myself for not planning ahead. <sigh>

I don't do that with my hair. Hey, I know when it's time to get a touch up! And, I plan ahead for it. 

I don't procrastinate with my meals. Hey, I know when it's lunchtime and I stop to eat. LOL (sometimes I do get busy and suddenly it's 2:00 and I haven't had lunch and...that's not really procrastinating, is it? It's just being busy.) In-flight

I don't procrastinate with my blogging, either. I blog regularly. I often blog ahead of time - and set my posts to publish on a certain date and time. 

Therefore, when wondering why I procrastinate about... housework or travel, the answer is easy. It's because those are things I don't want to do. So, I put them off. Easy peasy. Overcoming the dislike of those things could solve the problem, but I have no clue how to start liking travel and housework. I used to read Fly Lady for the housework issue, but that's fallen off my radar. Maybe I'll go back to her. The travel... not likely to find a solution to that. It isn't travel per se, it's flying... because airports are so unfriendly these days. (no, I don't mind the actual flying... I hate having to park 3 mi from the actual airport, waiting for the shuttle, undressing to go through security, sitting around, etc, etc, etc...)

Any suggestions? 


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Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101.com)

As a life coach I deal with this issue often. You've already solved the first part by identifying what and why you procrastinate. Here are few tips:if procrastinating at the beginning a specific task, chunk it into bite-size task, focus on the details and use deadlines with rewards.
To complete a task, you don't enjoy, focus on the details, step by step. Identify all the benefits of completed the task. Imagine the end goal.
i.e your airport aversion,reframe with intention. I love traveling because it will X Y or Z. I always meet the most interesting people in line, my seatmate could be a great business connection and so on!

caren gittleman

can't help with suggestions because I HATE traveling. If it weren't for wanting to go to BlogPaws I wouldn't get on a plane. I do it as little as I have to.
I hate sleeping in a strange bed, hate leaving my babies at home, I hate flying!
Other than that, it's all good lol

Average Jane

I'm a pretty bad procrastinator and I'm always mad at myself when it turns out that something that I've been putting off only takes a fraction of the time I thought it would.

That said, I've also taken a good look at the things I just simply don't want to make time for (house cleaning, lawn mowing) and arranged for other people to do them.

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