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Friday Musings: Why are politicians so angry?

Yvonne-transby Yvonne DiVita

I get it. All's fair in love, war and politics. So, you have to be angry and confrontational, if you want to win. Or do you?

Is it about tearing down the other guy, the other party, the other whatever? Or, is it about showing me what you're going to do that's better? I say it's the latter, but none of today's politicians have gotten that memo. Come to think of it, no politician in the history of politcis, well, in the history since I've been following politics, has gotten that memo. 

A lot of politician say that's what they're going to do: "I'm not running a hate campaign! I'm running on my princicples! I'm being honest and forthright and on the side of the people."

Yeah, sure you are. If you're on the side of the people... answer me this:

1. Why aren't women and men treated equally in the workforce in America?

2. Why aren't children as important and precious AFTER they're born as when they're in utero?

3. Why aren't animals as important as people? Oh, wait...that's loaded, isn't it? I mean... people are the prime importance on this planet. Yep. Cause...they're the ones screwing everything up, causing global warming, letting the ecosytem go to hell, creating more garbage, overpopulating the world ... I could go on. But, really... animals aren't important? Animals don't deserve our protection? Animals, that mind their own business and just want to be left alone or cared for (if domesticated) ... don't deserve more attention and consideration? Visit a shelter today and then tell me they don't. <sigh> Bella-tarra

4. In this great country, America, where FREEDOM is everything... why are you allowed to dictate my personal life choices? Why aren't ALL citizens treated equal? 

I'm not going to go on because...truth is, every politician is out for him or herself. That's just how I feel. I vote for the one that most matches my beliefs and that's usually a Democrat. I want America to be strong, and I want it to be free, and I want each citizen to feel important. I don't believe all poor people like being poor - so they milk the system. I don't believe people have a right to invade our forests and wild lands, to make housing developments... I believe in zero population growth. I believe in children - born children - who need every helping hand they can get. 

I believe we, as a society, need to start celebrating our country and supporting our environment and each other. I wish politicians would just stick to what they believe they can do better and stop saying, "If you rely on that other party, they'll do this and this and this and this..." Cause, in the end, if they get in office, they'll do "this and this and this and this..." 

They all do. IMBO

 And as far as taxes, a favorite political topic on all campaigns, I agree with Stephen King, a favorite author of mine: Stephen King: Tax Me, for [email protected]%&’s Sake!


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Interesting read. Check out my blog here:

Mary Schmidt

Unfortunately, the elections devolve into getting out the vote. In the GOP's case, that means the scared and stupid. They have little positive to say, so they play the fear up. And as Ron Reagan said, the Republican party isn't racist, but it is a bastion for racists. (They've been using and expanding on their southern strategy ever since LBJ strong-armed the civil rights act through passage.) The good news is that many of the old white frightened people are dying out. The younger generations are baffled by our old prejudices and fears.

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