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What's on your mind?

Frankie-the-starby Yvonne DiVita

Facebook wants to know what's on my mind. Here's what's on my mind...

1. Living life to its fullest. While I have limitations set on me by my health, I often think I'm missing out on some of the best things in life just because I am a passive observer. 

2. Laundry. Somehow, I don't think anyone on Facebook wants to know I'm thinking about laundry. So, I won't elaborate on it here.

3. My kids. Yes, I think about my kids every day. I miss my daughter and her family back in Buffalo (hi Frankie!) and I miss my son, a lot. I miss my Mom and my sisters and I so miss my brother. But, none of the missing makes me want to move back to NY.

4. The election is on my mind. I am baffled by the way people think. I am baffled by the fact that certain people, who profess to be of faith and religion, still want to cut spending on healthcare, on education, on the arts and sports - on the very things that set humans apart from other 'animals'. 

5. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more. I see the value in these online networking tools. They bring us closer together in strange ways (some of the people you are friends with on these sites... you will never meet in person), but they also divide us, don't they? I wonder, sometimes, how we can prevent that division from growing - or, if we even want to. (and why do I have more followers on Pinterest than on Facebook?)

6. Automation. I definitely think about automation a lot. Is it okay to automate everything? How many people are put out of work by automation? What happens to them?

7. Innovation. After automation, I ponder on innovation, a lot. To me, we live in the most innovative Art-child time ever. For folks who are out of work and whose living is being compromised by technology - this is your chance to make real change. Be innovative and tap into your artistic talents. Yes, you have them. Use them. You were born to create, not mope. Create something we have never seen before. I bet a whole lotta people will buy it. Here's a place to start - local to Denver/Boulder but worth tapping into because the Art as Action performing group takes innovation beyond the next level, all the way to the stars. 

8. Shark tank. I love watching Shark Tank on Friday nights. Here's a big thing I've learned from the so called experts on Shark Tank - no one will ever care as much about your big idea, as you do. If you can't make money at it, don't ask someone else to help you make money at it. Make your own way - and then, if you really think you need a partner, consider Shark Tank. But, don't let them brow-beat you. They don't care about you or about new ideas or innovation. All they care about is money. Sort of likes banks. And, we all hate banks... don't we? Well, don't we?

9. Naps. I think about naps a lot. I love naps. I've been a nap taker since I was... a child. I never got over the value of a nap. No, I do not mean 20 minutes. I mean, 1-2 hours. Oh the joy of a good nap, especially in winter. (maybe I was a cat in a previous life - I sure would like to be one in my next life, and I want to live with Caren Gittleman)

10. Lastly, dinner is on my mind. Did I remember to take it out of the freezer? Do I need to go to the store for it? Am I out of bay leaves? What if we skip dinner today - will I lose a pound or two? Being Sunday, do we eat dinner at 3:00 today, or our regular 6:00? So many choices and concerns. In the end, I believe dinner is overrated. Until I start feeling hungry, around 3:30.

bonus!!! 11. It goes without saying that I think about my pets all the time. They are always here with me and I love them to pieces! As we get closer to BlogPaws 2012, in Salt Lake City, I'm reminded that I should let readers here know that you are welcome to attend. You do NOT have to be a pet blogger to attend a BlogPaws conference. If you're thinking of using social media to further your career or create a BlogPaws-2010 new business, we will deliver everything you need to get started!

Of course, you do need to like pets... there will a lot of them there. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Wait... that should be, dogs and cats and ferrets and guinea pigs, oh my!

So, come on - come to the best social media marketing conference on the planet - full of education, fun, frolicking, pets and pawties... you'll be glad you did!

What's on your mind? 


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Yvonne, I loved this... and with all that's going on with me I have been thinking about a lot of stuff a lot more lately (great grammar, I know!) I am going to add some of your 'things' to my list of 'things'


Nice article Yvonne,
you described social media and specially ‘what’s on your mind’ in a great way. There are many things you are unable to mention while they are in your mind such as love for someone. You can’t express feelings there, and I agree with you that yes! Though social media sites help in connecting people but on the same time they are dividing.

Caren Gittleman

"(maybe I was a cat in a previous life - I sure would like to be one in my next life, and I want to live with Caren Gittleman)"

Haaaaaaaa!!! That totally made me laugh!! Ask Cody if you would want to live with me! He would say "Noooo waaay!! She rations out kibble!!"

I loved how you went from topic to topic...this was so Andy Rooney-esque but without the curmudgeonly slant!

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