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June is Busting Out All Over

Beautiful-frankie-eyesby Yvonne DiVita

So the song from Oklahoma goes: "June is busting out all over; All over the meadow and the hill"... and on and one. The song celebrates the sun, the grass, the warmth ... the end of cold weather, keeping us all indoors.

My backyard is a jungle. That's what June is giving me. The dogs don't mind. They nose around for bugs, or whatever it is that is so fascinating there on the ground. They find secret places to do "their business"... behind a towering bush or clump of overgrown grass, thinking they are hidden. The jungle of the yard is play to them. To us, it's a reminder that winter is over and it's time to think lawn...etc. 

Why are people so intent on making their lawn look... well kept? What purpose does a manicured lawn serve? When did we as a species begin to pay so much attention to our lawns, as if weekends exist to putter around the garden, mow the grass, tend to the trees, plant more flowers? I guess if you have kids, it's important. Frankie, shown here, probably prefers a grassy backyard.

We're not big on lawns. Yes, we need grass for the dogs. Else we'd put stone throughout the yard. But, we aren't big on chemicals to make the grass grow. Or worrying about how long it is this week. Or, planting flowers to make it look prettier. Don't get me wrong, I love well manicured lawns and flowers and gardens of vegetables. But, I am not capable of taking care of them so... I don't have them at my house. I admire them from afar - from the kitchen at my daughter's house, from the patio at my Fresh-tomatoes brother's, from my couch... as I watch HGTV.

All of this is a part of the change from spring to summer, from that quick moment of watching the sun melt the last bit of snow off the tree limbs, to reveal the buds eager to burst forth. And, in our lives, we, too, are emerging anew. We feel a tingle of energy in our bones - we walk a little longer in the morning, we stay up a little later in the evening, we sigh the eternal sigh of happiness - glad that we made it through another blustery winter - where the wind and cold and blizzardy weather threatened to do us in! Despite central heating!

June truly is busting out all over - beyond the meadow and the hill. It's busting out in the strip malls (lots more activity as you drive by or stop in for a coffee); it's busting out all over in the neighborhood (with the laughter of children playing out doors, the barking of dogs cautioning other dogs to stay out of their yards, and the scampering of prairie dogs - or squirrels - intent on today's breakfast or lunch). Each spring that beckons the coming summer is a part of the bursting out all over, isn't it? When June arrives, it may not officially be summer, but in our hearts and our feet it is. (seriously... didn't you get the flip-flops out weeks ago?)

I often wonder how it is in climates that do not have weather changes. How do they celebrate the coming warmth and abundance? 

Sad for them.


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Caren Gittleman

I am sad for them too. My husband and I always joke about winning the lottery because I always say if we do, I want to move to Kauai. Then, I change my mind and tell him I would miss the changing of the seasons too much.

I decided I would live there part of the time and then Michigan the rest of the time (or some other state with a climate change)

The change of seasons and some bad weather is good for the soul


I fell sad for them too. I lived in western Washington for about 5 years and while I loved the milder temperatures, I missed the big changes in season. The stunning fall colors, the first snowstorm, the summer thunder storms and most of all spring. I love watching everything start to come alive in spring. There's just something about the whole cycle.

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