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Let's visit Italy via Facebook and the Alitalia Iconic Photo Contest

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Buon giorno. Today I would like to take us to Italy and share with you representations of iconic Italian images. If you have been as blessed as I am to have visited this beautiful country then you no doubt have many photos to remember it by. I wrote about my trip to Italy last year here in this blog post in which I shared a small sampling of some of the photos that I had taken.

ItalyContestJust about two weeks ago we launched the Iconic Italy Photo Contest for Alitalia on their Facebook page. The contest invites residents of the U.S. to share their iconic Italy photo for a chance to win two round-trip tickets to Italy on Alitalia. All participants are required to Like the Alitalia Facebook page first and become a fan in order to enter or vote in the contest. Once they submit a photo they are then encouraged to share and invite their friends to vote for their photo. Submissions are being taken up till June 22 and the voting will continue for another week ending on June 29. You can view all the photos and vote for your favorite in a photo gallery here.

Florence-BridgeAlong with their photo, participants can also write a few words on why they feel their photo is "Iconic". I started off the contest and submitted this photo I took in Florence of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, the oldest of Florence's six bridges. Of course I can't win since I'm the contest administrator, but you have to admit it's pretty "iconic".

At the end of the voting phase the top five submissions that accumulate the most valid votes will then be evaluated by a qualified panel of judges who will determine the Grand Prize winner. The judging criteria will be based on connection to theme (50%), photo quality (25%), and originality and creativity (25%).

VeniceTo date there are 160 submissions. Here's just one that I randomly choose of Venice since it was one of the most recent (and iconic). On top of the submissions, the application is telling us that 123 fans shared this contest with friends and 933 invites to friends to enter and/or vote have been sent. The Alitalia Facebook page has received over 10,000 new fans since the contest started on May 25. By the way, we used again the Shortstack application to host this contest.

John Di Rienzo, Marketing & Analysis Manager for Alitalia told me "We have in the past partnered with various brands on co-branded marketing promotions by providing the prize of air transpiration to Italy. We are now running more independent promotions in order to keep building our US database and engage more with our US based Facebook fans."

One of the partners that Alitalia is currently working with is The Eataly Store in New York City. This amazing store opened up a little over a year ago in an "Iconic" New York City location, right across the street from the Flatiron Building and overlooking Madison Square Park. Visitors to the store can enter a sweepstakes for chance to win two tickets to Italy on Alitalia. The only way to enter is online through two iPad's that are located at a special counter to the left of the store's main entrance.

So sort through your Italy photos and submit them while you can. Or if you don't have any then I invite you to visit the photo gallery and spend some time today in Italy. Grazie.


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Italy is such a nice country to visit specially Rome,Milan. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it so much.

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