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An interesting promotion combo: Pinterest and Facebook

Pinterest Just Makes Me Hungry

This-water-has-dog-slop-in-itby Yvonne DiVita

There. I said it. Pinterest makes me hungry.

Are you using Pinterest yet? It's the darling of the social media world - key visual images shares hither and yon by you, me, and everybody on the planet. Reports are that Pinterest delivers better traffic numbers than Facebook Twitter. Other reports say it's dominated by women (what isn't?) and still other reports say it's quickly becoming the tool of the decade.

Ok...maybe no one has said Pinterest is the tool of the decade. Maybe I made that up. But, they are saying it's a business tool - it can help improve your business in varying ways - and the fact that it's so visual, so compelling (a picture is worth a thousand words, after all) makes it the spot to be online, regardless of your purpose.

I have a Pinterest account. I set one up almost right away. Today, I can't tell you why - I rarely jump on the bandwagon that quickly. But, set up an account I did - and I'm glad I did. I truly love Pinterest. Except for the "makes me hungry" part. Which it does. Seriously, if I read one more fantastic recipe on Pinterest, download it, print it, share it, "like" it, and mentally remind myself to 'try that later this week'... I may have to go into rehab. Miah-eye-on-the-world

Be honest now - what do you look at most on Pinterest? What do you share most? Yes, I share lots and lots of pet pictures and a good bit of "sayings" - and I like the fashion shots. Plus, I can't help sharing my little baby granddaughter. And my 14 year old granddaughter, when I can (this is her eye - she posted it on FB - looks like a magazine image, doesn't it?). BUT... truly... it's the recipes that get me, every time. The vegans ones, the Italian ones, the salads, the casseroles, the desserts! OMG! <link goes to one of my FAVORITE recipe sites!>

Thank goodness there is a Pinterest session at BlogPaws. Maybe I can actually learn how to use this new darling tool...before the next one comes along! 


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I love to gawk at fashion photographs at Pinterest. I usually repin looks that I feel represent me best. Aside from that I repin photos of movies, TV shows, books, and music/musicians that I fancy. I also pin photos of places that I have traveled to.


Hehe! The food gets to me too and I am so not into cooking. But sometimes I can't resist and have to pin a recipe. I did manage to keep my wits about me and not pin too much with chocolate in it though!

caren gittleman

I am a sucker for the food posts too!!!

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