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Artify your event - Stand Out From the Crowd

BZTAT-BlogPawsWest-muralby Yvonne DiVita

Yes, you can stand out in a crowd - in a creative and fun way... by artifying your event!

I talk art a good bit on this blog. I'm an artivist, as evidenced over at Art as Action where I do what I can to help support them, and as such, I live to help promote creativity and innovation. There isn't a lot of that around these days. We're drowning in mediocrity in the U.S.

The highest levels of creativity and innovation will be experienced over the next 17 days in London, at the Olympics, but... after that - what will happen? Most people will lean back in their recliners (no more edging forward, shouting at the TV, raising arms in annoyance or celebration) and click through the commercials (where creativity and innovation sometimes show up), click through this program or that program, and slowly sink into ordinariness once more.

Why? Because it's easy.

Here's what's not easy and why each of us should be bringing artivism into our lives in some way. Art as Action does it via phenomenal performances that stretch the imagination - and my good, good friend Vicki does it with her art. 

She did it at BlogPaws - where she helped create a lasting memory for us. <see pic above> Okey-white-black-cat-painting-BZTAT-title-page-LR

She did it with Okey's Promise, where she is still working to help the greater community understand the power of art to heal.

And she's doing it again by offering to Artify Your Event. Her studio, BZTAT Studios is where some of this happens - I highly recommend you hop over and check out the web page. But, in reality, the art happens first in Vicki's soul. I imagine it comes as a whisper sometimes, a spark other times, maybe a hurricane other times. However it begins, the tendrils of creativity speak to her in a language you and I do not speak - and she translates it for us.

To Artify an event, as she did at BlogPaws, Vicki will "set up and paint an artwork on-site to draw attention to your booth at a show, or she can do interactive art projects that enhance team building and client/customer/staff engagement. BZTAT will come to your site and engage in an individualized artistic project to meet the needs of your company, organization or group."

And, she'll work with you on Creative Cardboard: "Engage participants in a fun and funky creative process as a part of a strategy session, a party or celebration, or other event. Participants open up and enjoy the creative process of painting on cardboard while discussing issues or enjoying a special event. Although the resulting artwork is less durable than a professional quality mural, creative cardboard encourages people to be free and open with ideas with a “What do we have to lose?” approach. Certain to liven up your event and make the process memorable! Read about a Creative Cardboard event here."

It's interactive art at its highest level. I know... you see it at malls. You see it at carnivals. You see it at some other 'events' - where an artist does caricatures, or paints a picture of various attendees. But, that's not what this is. This is having a truly talented artist using what Sarah of Art as Action calls artivism, to connect people to the human condition.

What is the human condition? It's the heart and soul of what makes us 'human' - using art, Vicki reveals our inner child sometimes; she can reveal hidden dreams and ideas - just by listening to you talk about the 'event' you're at. 

I've seen Vicki work. I recommend her highly. I think more businesses should have her at their retreats or their innovative "brainstorming" sessions. Imagine - a whole new way of looking at the world, using art that inspires, engages, and reveals. Wow - what could fantastic things could you produce after that?


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