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Getting Women To Sit At The Table: Friday Musings Out Loud

Hard-working-entrepreneurby Yvonne DiVita

Well done TED talk on women and accomplishment by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. It's an age-old question - why aren't there more women CEOs or leaders in politics?

Who's fault is it? Is it our fault - those of us who are ambitious and aggressive, but still not willing to bring those skills to the boardroom because... we're pretty sure we'll be shot down by the men in the room? Is it our fault because as women, we are the child-bearing gender and it's still our responsibility to care for that child until the age of majority? Or, is it society's fault because it refuses to give us the same chances it gives men? 

You decide. 



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Well everyone deserves equal chance besides the gender. This topic is debatable on every forum as question is valid that why there are less women leaders or CEOs in politics as compared to men though in my personal opinion it doesn't make difference if CEO is a man or women, but right is right..

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