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Miah-eye-on-the-worldby Yvonne DiVita

Well, well, a lot has been going on around the community. That being this big world of ours. It's one big community, yes? Some thoughts...

The shooting in Aurora. This is close to where I live. I might have been in that theater - certainly the movie is on my list of Must-Sees. But, I'll stick closer to home; Longmont or Westminster. 

I don't want to add to the crowded knot of conversations. I'll share just a smidgen - this tragedy was unavoidable - or was it? Today, the news reports finding a letter|notebook written by the gunman, sent before he killed all those people without a second thought. Could the incident have been avoided, had someone known about the letter|notebook beforehand? (it was held up in processing - what does that mean?) I'll keep watching the news to see what the people handling the aftermath of the shooting say, but from where I sit, it's likely the gunman would have been at least questioned, had those writings been read beforehand.

The horror of what happened is overwhelming. The heroes are outstanding. Those who died will never be forgotten. Those who lived, still need our help. 

And yes, we need more gun control. Because, in the end, it's called an "assault rifle" for a reason - it's designed to assault living beings. It's designed to kill them. Why does any average citizen need one? I don't know. Jason Alexander, formerly of Friends, addresses this better than I ever could. I recommend his post. And, thank goodness for the hospitals that are waving or reducing medical costs for the survivors.

Let's touch on the presidential run for office. Both candidates removed their ads from CO stations and it's been nice not to have to see or hear them. When they return, I'll cringe. I'm one of those people who doesn't TiVo ads. I feel compelled to watch them because...after all, without them, there would be no show. And, I sell ads. I'm contemplating the value of these ads - both Obama and Romney are unimpressive in these ads. I'm sad that they allow their creative directors to place these ads. I'm sad that our country has come to this - where you HAVE to say something negative, bad, insulting or otherwise upsetting about your opponent, to gain political office. And, you pay millions of dollars for the privilege. 

What could the survivors of the Aurora tragedy do with a fraction of the millions spent on bad political ads? Really... wouldn't that be a better use of that money?

Me, I'm voting for Obama because he, at least, seems to be on "my" side (and understands the need for regulating the purchase of assault rifles). Romney - he's from a neighborhood I have never even visited. Can't get through the gates, don't you know. He's out of touch with the average citizen, and I still Work-for-a-cause believe we average citizens are the majority of people in this country. We are what makes America, America. Will we prevail? I hope so. Because, it's up to us to see that our rights are protected (right to bear arms... in a well-formed militia, not in your backyard with an assault rifle); free speech, with regard to the people within hearing range (no, I don't care to listen to you exercise your ability to swear like a sailor because someone accidently bumped into you on the sidewalk); and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (as long as your happiness doesn't include stamping all over my happiness - while you spit foul language at me).

Last, I have to mention the new cable show Political Animals. One can only hope it goes away quickly. The bad acting alone should cause its demise, but hey, bad acting is rampant on TV anymore. I'm embarrassed for Sigourney Weaver - she at least can act. She carries the show. She and the young man who plays her gay son. However, in my opinion, this show is beneath her. She's really stooped as low as an actress can, to be part of this show.

The rest of the cast and their scenes belong on the cutting room floor. The storyline is good, but the execution of it is flawed. The man playing Weaver's ex-husband, the so-called ex-president (clearly based on Bill Clinton) is the first person I'd show to the door. He doesn't carry the character well at all. He's not believable, he's not credible, and he's so smarmy, it turns my stomach. I assume that's one of the reactions they were hoping for, but it's not because of the character that he turns my stomach, it's him. He's... horrible. 

You have my review of Political Animals now. Awful show. Poorly written, poorly acted, not worth anyone's time. You want to learn about the inner workings of the White House? Rent West Wing. It blows this other ridiculous show out of the water. But then, West Wing was designed to be a study in TV excellence and true to life insight into the American political animal. West Wing didn't have to rely on sex and bimbos to sell itself. It was superb in writing, acting and production. 

And there you have it. This week's musings. I will shut up now. None of this is applicable to marketing or business - all of it is applicable to life in America. I think.


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caren gittleman

posting about things important in American life is IMPORTANT to me. Thank you and I couldn't agree with you more!

Laurie Eno

Observant and thoughtfully written, as always. You write with both your head and your heart ... thanks for that!


I am with you 100%. I have not seen the show you reviewed, but the sentiments about bad acting on TV are shared.

Controlling access to guns, especially those designed for the battlefield, is one step in reducing these heinous crimes we have grown so accustomed to in our culture. It is the mindset of easy access, more than the actual predominance of guns that is the problem, however. It is also the mindset that we have the right to annihilate that which offends us or humiliates us.

Somehow, our collective cultural attitudes seem to have shifted to very childish ways of dealing with problems. Putting assault weapons in the hands of a child, or an adult with childish behavior, is a recipe for disaster.

My hope is that Obama will get a second term so that he can deal with this and other issues without regard of the political consequences it will bring him.

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