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Are Blogging Yet? Are You Blogging Still?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Is blogging a "passing fad"? Has it run its course? Do you wonder whether it's worth the effort to keep Picture1 putting your fingers to the keyboard? Do you wonder whether people read what you write? Okay, I've tossed a lot of questions out in one paragraph, but the bottom line is: Yes, you still need to be blogging and if, for some reason, you haven't started blogging yet, what are you waiting for? 

Here are the top five (there are many more, but you need to stop reading and get writing) reasons you should be blogging: 

  1. A blog, that is on your website, is the easiest way to drive traffic to your site. It's easier to write a blog post than it is to generate new content on your website, right? 
  2. You're the expert in what you do and a blog is the best place to share that expertise. 
  • If you, and your business, are on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. a blog is the perfect foundation from which to launch social media updates and commentary. 
  • Encourage conversation with industry experts or potential clients. Use your blog as a jumping off point for testing a new product or service. 
  • Blogs have proven to be a very useful business model. Entrepreneurs that are committed and faithful to blogging on a regular basis are seeing return on their investment. 
  • Bottom line -- is about your bottom line -- a blog (depending on the platform you use) is free. In today's economy you can't beat free and when you use blogging as part of a targeted marketing campaign you will likely reap success! 

    Do you blog? Have you seen the benefits of it? Do you need to blog but just don't have the time or are faced with the "what do I write about" dilemma? There are blogging professionals that can help you get past all of that and get your blog up and running! 



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    Best SEO Company

    One of the screwiest parts for me is that there never were any "cowboys" in the romanticized sense from our TV and movie shows.


    Thank you for the additional information,Peter!

    Andrew Mayor

    Unfortunately I'm in this situation as I missed my offer by two grades but am still being considered... Is there is a deadline by which the universities have to reply to those of us in limbo by? Thanks :)

    Peter Dudley

    I do indeed blog, and I encourage anyone who does also to look into Networked Blogs. When I post to my blog, Networked Blogs picks that up and auto-posts the title and link for me to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. (Maybe LinkedIn, too, but I can't remember. Shows how much I use LinkedIn.) It's a good way to have longer stories that you can tease via Twitter and Facebook (and other places).

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