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Do You Count Daily Blessings?

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1I will admit that I never expected to be inspired to write a blog post by radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry. He and I differ on politics, but there are times when he talks that I stop and go, "hhmmmm," and the other day was one of those times. I admit that the radio is on as background noise so I am not always the best listener. 

While I can't remember what started his whole conversation I believe it might have been the senseless death of a bicycle rider in Fairport by two alleged drunk drivers -- one on a motorcycle and one in a van. He talked about the woman, who had been a wife, mother, and teacher in the Fairport School District and then went on to say how -- in essence -- we need to count our blessings every day because you just never know when you won't be around to count them any longer. 

What I took away from Bob's talk and from recent events in my life is that no matter how cruddy things look when you wake up in the morning -- at least you woke up. Even if sometimes life and health issues can really drag you down -- at least you have a life and are around to face your health issues. It makes me think that even if I get a bit tweaked with family members -- thank goodness I am still around to *be* tweaked with, and by, them. 

All in all, Bob's words resonated with me because I have been through the wringer and even though I still have some more wringer to get through at least I can count a huge blessing that the wringer I am still facing is much less horrifying than what option B was.  

In life, as in business, take time to savor the little things. If you lose one client, it's not the end of the world; perhaps a better one is coming down the pike. If you have a victory, no matter how small, savor it. It's been a learning experience for me to slow down, smell the roses and take small victories, embrace them and be thankful that I still can. 


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Shane knight

Yes its a good way or we can say some one is there for offering gifts,smileys for our day to day work

caren gittleman



Erica Lane

Thank you Robbi for this post. I really needed to hear (read) the words, "we need to count our blessings every day because you just never know when you won't be around to count them any longer."

Carol Bryant

Words of wisdom from a smart cookie. Yes, I've had many challenges in the past few years. Many have knocked me way down but I have always gotten back up. Hope, prayers, reading good solid books, and my loving family coupled with friends work. Oh and the "you will not beat me" attitude I was born with helped, too. Rock on, Robbi!

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