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Every Man or Woman for Himself (or herself)

When I hear the folks on the 'other side' talk (I'm a Democrat), I feel as if they're part of a select, elite, "me and mine" group that excludes people like me. Not the Democrat me. I'm talking about the woman, the person, the business owner.

This image, created by Tom, my significant (and he is significant) other, says it better than I can. In my world, we're all in this together. We work together. We take care of each other. We don't run around talking about, Me, Me, Me... like Romney and Ryan are doing today. In my world, it's the United States of America. Not... NY or Pennsylvania or Virginia or Colorado. It's us, together, in a country full of hope and expectation. I'm sorry if they don't see it - I do. And, no, I don't want to return to the good old days of the 1950s, which is where Romney wants to take us. They weren't so good ... but they sure are old.

So, to Jack, who is in Romney's latest commercial... here's what I think: 



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Yvonne DiVita

FLT, you said it so well - I agree with you whole-heartedly. That's what my point is all about - not turning our backs on each other. Not saying, "This is mine, mine, mine." Yes, it probably is yours - you worked hard for it, but sharing is what this country has always been about. So - how do the folks who've been successful help those who aren't? I see a lot of good out there - but I don't see the Republicans acknowledging it. Thank you for sharing - again, you said it so well.


The selfishness is what scares me. Yes, people need to work and be self-sufficient, but many people who ARE working are not making it, for many reasons--the state of education, the economy, the fact that so many families are below the poverty level (which is very low!)

I can even understand being against entitlements (although we need to keep people afloat) if you have some kind of alternative vision, like programs that help people learn job skills. However, it's almost like everyone is cut loose to sink or swim with no help at all--and most people will sink.

I find this vision terrifying.

Hi Bonnie,

One of the screwiest parts for me is that there never were any "cowboys" in the romanticized sense from our TV and movie shows. From Lewis and Clark on, the West was populated by wagon trains and groups of trappers, miners, explorers, and settlers.

Glad you like the graphic and please feel free to share it anywhere you think it'd be useful. Facebook image link



There are so many inconsistencies in what I hear from Republicans. They are pro-life but ignore the needs of children who are born into poverty. They want the government to stay out of regulating businesses that take advantage of the general public and tank our economy when they fail at a gamble, yet they want to regulate who we can and cannot marry. They want to protect our right to own a weapon of war, yet will not make it possible for some to get affordable healthcare.

These inconsistencies make no sense unless your look at it from the perspective of "give me what I want. Who gives a damn what you need."

United we stand. Divided we fall. Anyone who assumes that they alone are responsible for their wealth needs to walk a day in the shoes of those who REALLY made it happen for them.

Thx for posting this, Yvonne. I agree with Bonnie, it took courage, and I admire you and Tom for being brave.

Yvonne DiVita

Thanks for joining the conversation, Bonnie. I hope people see that we're expressing our opinion and we (Tom and I) feel strongly about the fact that everything we do, business or personal, is part of a community activity. I so believe this - that we are dependent upon one another, that I knew I had to share this image, today. Yes, I know we each have individual responsibility and we do much of what we do as entrepreneurs, by ourselves. But, if we're not continually seeking advice, help or just feedback, from others... where exactly are we going to end up? I wish I could see more "we're in this together" from Romney. He says it... but, I just don't think he means it. I KNOW Obama means it.


I mostly read in my reader, but I know what a risk it is to take a blog that is a business blog and speak out politically, particularly in an atmosphere that is so charged. It's hard enough to do it personally. I totally agree with you and Tom and I want to thank you for posting. It needs to be said. Your continued references to the fact that none of of us can go it alone is so important. I know we got here because cowboys were in fashion but did anyone ever think the cowboy was an outlier? For the rest of human history we banded together in community. We do need one another.

One thing I would add--I think the 1950s were better than where Romney wants to take us--they had social security...

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