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Living in the Best Country Ever!

Scott Monty from Ford (yes, the car company - I heart Ford), challenged folks last week to make today, August 14th a day of positivity. He asked if we could just say positive things about life. This stemmed from all the negativity surrounding the political arena. We're all sick of it, right? Yes.

I'm taking this idea to heart. All my Faceobok posts will be positive - focused on the good things in life or on good things happening in life. And, to supplement those posts, I'm writing this quick blog post about living in the best country, ever!

Why do I love my country? by Yvonne DiVita

1. It's full of wonderful cities, parks, lakes, mountains...and good people.


2. It's striving to be a place of peace. We have our problems, but generally, the people, the police, the politicians all want peace and... dare I say it, quiet? LOL

3. We work out our problems - now that we have Facebook and Google, our problems are shared widely with an audience that often doesn't understand us. Still, so many people are working to help make life better for those around them, I am proud to be part of the solution, as much as possible. So, how can I help you, today?

4. We grow with each election. I know there's a lot of discord right now - I am as concerned about where we're headed as the next person - but, with each election, we grow. No matter how much we disagree, I don't know anyone who would trade life here for life somewhere else. Miah-Onyx-traveling-from-BlogPaws

5. In this country, I get to be who I want to be. We're still working on the rights of some citizens to marry, we're still working on the rights of one gender to be treated fairly, we're learning that all dogs are wonderful and all dogs are born with a loving heart, and we're not going to stop working on these important issue. And because freedom is a big part of what this country is about, each of us gets to be who we are - the core of our being is in the freedom of America.

I could go on. But, let's run with those 5 things. What are you grateful for - as an American citizen? Focus on the good - today is a day of "yes" ... not, "oh no!"


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Visual Data Queen

This is a great idea! We certainty can use a shot of positivity.

As for being an American, here are my top 5 most positive things:

1) The chance to be heard, especially with the help of social networking these days. If it's not a politician who hears you, it's your neighbor, then their neighbor, etc.

2) Equal opportunity employers. Despite some news that this is not true, we see it getting better.

3)Mobility. Sometimes this is hard, but it really is possible to work hard and get where you want to go.

4) Diversity. This is the most beautiful thing about America. Even if we all don't agree all the time we still expose each other to new opinions and cultures everyday. Embrace diversity.

5) Freedom of religion. We can all believe what we want.

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