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Frankie-cakeface-Oct8by Yvonne DiVita

In just a few weeks the election will be over. I, personally, can't wait. While I am on pins and needles hoping for a good outcome (lots of voting - and of course, more votes for Obama), I'm distressed over the increased anger and hatred being spewed forth by the citizens of each side.

The candidates are doing what candidates do - they're working to get the vote. Not everything they say is true - each on has his own way of twisting or turning a phrase to make the other candidate look bad. I find Romney's ads insulting - as if I don't know he's lying. Perhaps his followers feel the same about Obama.

Let them be as they are. We can't change that.

But, we can change our behavior. We can stop bickering. We can stop being so hateful to each other and try to be civil. Or, can we?

What's at stake here? Anything new? Is this election different than the last? Are the promises worth listening to? Can the American public really be misled and told falsehoods, as if the answer is in just this election? NO ONE can go to Washington and achieve ALL of their goals. I'm doubtful any goals can be achieved considering the animosity between the two parties. Each one seems intent on making the other one look bad or "be" the bad guy. It's not one or the other, they both do it and both parties seem to feel that being held hostage by the other party, is a fact of life... which we Americans should understand. 

Well, we don't. However, we play into the overall issue by siding with our party and not insisting the men and women in charge stop behaving like children so they can actually get something done. We SAY we want them to get things done, but when they don't, what do we do? We blame someone else, too. Stressed-out-woman

What can we do, once they're in office? We can complain, and we do. We're good at that. But, complaining never solved anything. There has to be a better way. We have to start coming together - as a collective group. It's time to stop blaming the other side. It's time to accept that you can't have it all and sometimes, the other side does have a better idea. It's time to say, "I'll give in on this point, if you'll give in on that point." 

Sadly, I'm not sure that can ever happen. Not if what I see online, every day, is real. Not if each side is more content with calling their neighbors names and throwing insults - and insisting, "My Way" is the only way. And not when Americans, as a group, PREFER the animosity. After all, it sells... so the pundits tell us. 

What's your answer? How much of this are you contributing to? What will you do if your candidate is not elected? Why do you think we continue to build hatred instead of working on things together? 


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The real problem with the animosity... I think, especially as evidenced by our elected officials is nothing gets done... it's a matter of "if my party didn't put XYZ forth then I'm not voting for it." Screw the taxpayer (who is paying your salary BTW) by petty party animosity... by both parties on both sides. I know who I am voting for... as for what I'll do if he doesn't win. Not sure yet. Cross my fingers and hope for the best?

caren gittleman

I'm avoiding all discussion of the election on social media...what am I doing? VOTING. Many complain but you won't see them at the polls and then they will bicker about the outcome.

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