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Get Ready - Winter Dry Hands Days Are Coming

Funny-baby-Frankieby Yvonne DiVita Outdoor-skin-cream

A few weeks ago I received a new hand lotion in the mail to try out. The brand had written to tell me about its amazing properties and I said I'd only believe their claims if I could sample it. To my delight, they were happy to send me some, and even included lip balm.

It's called Outdoor Hands - the literature says, "Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream was developed by a pharmacist when he could not find any products to help his family's cracked hands. No more dreading winter weather because of chronic cracked skin, Outdoor Hands heals and revitalizes most cracked skin within days. Made from essential botanical oils that penetrate deeply into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue or fragrance, the Skin Therapy Cream retails for around $12 and is available at retailers nationwide."

Ok, I thought, I'll be the judge of all that.

So, I used it and left it out for Tom to try also.

Guess what, we love it! It's totally non-greasy, which is a big plus. I've been using it on my feet, since they are the parts of me that get the most dry - my hands, not so much. It's good for feet or hands or even your face. Granted, they don't market it for your face, but I put some on my face and I liked the result - smooth and soft skin, without a lot of greasy leftover stuff.

The lip balm is great, also. Now that fall is here, I'll be using that daily. Gave my daughter the extra one Outdoor Hands sent and she is happy with it, also. Here in Colorado, we use lip balm all year round. Everyone carries one on their person, somewhere. Woe be it to the gal who is out and about and doesn't have her lip balm at hand!

The only drawback is the cost. You get a bit less product for your $12. And, honestly, my Jergens and/or Suave are almost as good. Notice I say "almost"... I feel that the Outdoor Hands is better for those truly dry, cracked hands or feet. Regular skin cream will just be soothing, not penetrating. And, you don't have to use a lot of it to make a difference. It's definitely affordable for the purpose.

Am I going to buy more? I am. Once I saw Tom using it, I knew it was going to be a product we would keep around. And, I like to shop online too - so I can buy it right from the site, or I can buy it at my local Walgreens. We have a Walgreens right around the corner. I can stop there when I shop at my local King Soopers next door.

Try it. Seriously. I'd like your opinion of it. Heaven knows we ladies need a good hand cream that isn't greasy but does the job. Outdoor Hands looks like a keeper, to me. Click on the image below and check it out right on their website.




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Ooh, anything that doesn't leave that greasy feeling is something for me to try. I usually end up just putting lotion on the backs of hands because I hate the feeling that I have to wash my hands after using it.

May have to head to Tractor Supply to check it out!

Yvonne DiVita

Carol - I recommend trying it - it's a great product to keep right in the kitchen and use after doing dishes (cause even with dishwashers we end up getting our hands wet, don't we?)

Celeste, I know! I think they should bring this product to BlogPaws, don't you?

Average Jane

Ooh, good tip! I, too, suffer from severely dry hands and feet. (The dryness in Salt Lake City while I was at the BlogPaws Conference this year almost did me in!)

Carol Bryant

Oooh my feet get dry in the winter and I am definitely going to check this out. Thanks!

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