I Still Know Who She Is...
Rekindling Your Love for Your Job

Make a Permanent Impact

by Yvonne DiVita - Thoughts on the power of art within

It's when we take time to pause - to throw off the day's worries and troubles - when we look at a rainbow in the sky, or watch the baby sleeping, or laugh at our cat chasing a moonbeam... that we realize the Beautiful rainbow impermanence of life. It's when life begins to slip away... into the night or into the next day or just off of our desks - leaving behind all that paperwork to complete...that we wonder why we do it.

It's when we remember that once upon a time, when the days were long and the sun was warm, when our waking moments stretched to eternity, when we marveled at a chalk drawing on the sidewalk or the movement of a caterpillar across the lawn, or the single note of a bird flying overhead; it's in those times, the times in our lives when our inner artist had no boundaries, that we understand, again, what it means to have a soul.

And, deep in our soul, there is a permanent pulse luring us back to those simple days. 

Cling tightly to the artist inside. Hold fast that impermanence - lest it turn to stone and leave you bereft. If you're willing to let go, I invite you to join Art as Action in November at The Dairy Center for a showing of "Make a Permanent Impact with Impermanence" and relive the days of yore. One night, on a weekend in the winter, embrace your inner artivist and go home happy.



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Beautiful post!

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