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William Roos is 91 Years Old

shared by Yvonne DiVita

A small attempt to show the voter fraud issue in its reality - there is no issue. Please read on and then click over to the entire post, which is quite enlightening. From the times-tribune, by Chris Kelly.

"William Roos is 91 years old.

He is a World War II veteran, a husband of 63 years, a father of three and a grandfather of six. His family was among the first to settle Honesdale, and their business employed generations of Americans. He has been a leader in his synagogue and numerous civic organizations and charities, has always paid his taxes and has voted in every election since 1941.

Veteran. Family man. Religious. Community leader, job creator, lifelong voter and taxpayer.

It's hardly the résumé of A Clear and Present Danger to Democracy and the American Way of Life, but there is a detail I left out, one that Pennsylvania Republicans apparently weigh above all else as they labor to bully a reliably blue state red in favor of a comically inept presidential candidate who supported the Vietnam War but passed on fighting it, made his fortune destroying American jobs and jealously guards his tax returns because he thinks how many millions he has tucked away in offshore accounts is none of the American people's business.

William Roos is a Democrat. He has voted for Republicans over the years, but never for a GOP candidate for president. That's exactly the kind of voting record the architects of the state's sham voter ID law want to break."

The rest of the story is important beyond words. I urge you to read it and share on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you. <check out the comments, also; people with an agenda refuse to give an inch - a sad state of affairs for this country, in my opinion>


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Sybil Stershic

Yet another one of many examples of how ridiculous this process is:

Taylor @ Cheap flights to the Maldives

That’s really great of him and I wish him all the best with his future and I’ll share this with everyone.

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