Friday Musings - The Cost of Doing Business
September Is The New January


Because I'm a wordsmith and I think words are as powerful as pictures (okay, a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words but... if you write well, you can paint that picture with the words and the result is even more spectacular because the person reading has painted the picture in her head... and not had to rely on a painting or an artist's rendition - the act of creativity involved is important)... this video is perfect.

I found it on a blog called Charter Marketing, where the content is well worth some of your time today. Leave me a comment and tell me how it made you feel. ~ Yvonne DiVita



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caren gittleman

Ohhhhh this gave me chills!!!!!!! Just fabulous. So true. An eye opener for all of us.

NYC Boudoir Photographer | Critsey Rowe

The one thing I so wish I was better at....words! Thanks for sharing, I just bought ANDREA GARDNER's book. Hopefully after reading it I will b a wordsmith.

Bruce Peters

Simply love it. Thank you.


This was a poignant reminder of the power of words.

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