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Miah-eye-on-the-worldby Yvonne DiVita

Perhaps it's time to look carefully at all things entrepreneurial and... redefine some of what we believe. Fast Company recently published an article titled "Obama, Romney, And The Forgotten Entrepreneurial Class" by Robert Safian. 

Safian asks, "Are the presidential candidates living in the same America that I am? Apparently not."

He goes on to discuss the rise of an entrepreneurial focus in America - the work you and I and many women and men like us perform every day. Safian wants more focus put on US - as small business owners and as people who are out there on a daily basis getting it done. The 'it' I'm talking about is job creation, innovation, and expectation. The reality is that America is surging with people who aren't waiting around for any one candidate to solve their problems. Instead, we're grabbing opportunity by the horns and riding it all the way to multi-million dollar success.

The Fast Company article labels us "Generation Flux" - where Safian says, "But to talk about the state of the American economy and not acknowledge and recognize and extoll this dynamic movement is to simply have your head in the political sand. Whatever today's numbers show, we all know that there is a groundswell of creativity surging through our country."

What does it mean to me? It means I'm feeling ignored and neglected. I've tried to get my candidate to recognize that I and others like me can be his best bet for winning this election. Because we believe in the American way - the one he talks about; the one that helps small businesses and innovative thinkers achieve. We're the answer to the economic issues, the job issues, and the issues of how we're seen by the global community. It's US - it's the folks who are making things happen despite being told we 'can't' do that, or we're doing it wrong. It's US - it's the folks who recognize the need to expand our horizons beyond the limits set by bad political speeches or teachers that are mired in the 'status quo'... think, lost in the 20th century. It's US - it's the people who are not going to let outdated political rhetoric stand in our way. Puzzle

Why can't our politicians embrace the modern chaos that is business today - where small business owners are working to make good things happen by refusing to be stuck in a box of arbitrary numbers that don't apply to anything we're doing? Why aren't WE being featured in ads on TV? Why aren't they letting us tell the world the truth: the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well!

We're out there. We're creating excitement. We're proving all pundits who predict our demise, wrong. I don't know if we're Generation Flux, as Safrain is calling us. I do know that the chaos of modern business is what inspires us to achievement. We love it! Like the puzzle pictured here, we take that chaos and create art. And art is whatever you make of it - I think learning to embrace it is an activity worth pursuing. 


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