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Tune Out, Turn Off, Ramp Up Productivity

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture4In today’s ever-connected world, there are times when you simply need to step away and plan for quiet time. How can you turn off distractions? Step away from the office? Maybe even take time away from the family for a few hours? Can you turn off the television, radio, not play any audio books for a few hours? If possible, you need to do so. Your mind needs down time in order to function at its optimal levels.

If you find you have your best ideas when you’re doing a mindless task such as cooking dinner, showering, or even sitting in a traffic jam, it’s because your mind has had the opportunity to tune out.

Here are some steps to create your own downtime:
  • Put it in your calendar. Yes, you need to schedule quiet time just as you schedule appointments you need to schedule down time. Find a time during the day when you’re not at your peak and then make it a ritual for your down time. Take a walk. Sit in a quiet, darkened room and simply unwind.
  • Take advantage of your commute. If you travel to and from work and find yourself stuck in traffic, use that time to turn off the radio and take advantage of that as quiet time.
  • Schedule your downtime around your colleague’s schedules if necessary. Can you only grab small amounts of downtime at work without interruptions? Take advantage of the lunch schedules of co-workers and plan to eat at a different time. Use the time your co-workers are at lunch for your down time.
  • Carve out a space at home where you can have your quiet time. Let the kids and significant other know that when the door is closed for X amount of minutes, it’s your downtime and you’d appreciate not being interrupted. If possible sit in a room that doesn’t make you feel you need to get up and clean it. Make your quiet space a place of relaxation.

How can you take steps to have quiet time? Is it something to which you can commit?


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Good advice. I will try it tomorrow.

Melanie Chisnall

It's sad that in today's world we need to schedule to have "quiet time", but I agree with you. We schedule everything else, and this is the most important thing by far, otherwise we're just running around in circles! I block off 20 minutes each morning before the start of my day to do some stretching as soon as I wake up and 10 minutes of meditating. I also block off 45 minutes at the end of each day to work out and clear my head. It does wonders. Sometimes I don't want to and I want to keep working - but then I force myself to stop. Tomorrow's another day. Sanity and being as stress-free as possible is more important. Great post! :)

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