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Time to Write that Book - Marketing in 2013

Here's a look back at monthly marketing stories of 2012. Happy Holidays!

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

ChristmasCardinalI hope you had a good Christmas Day. It's hard to believe its come and gone and all the presents have been unwrapped. We still have most of them sitting all over the living room floor with gift bags and bows scattered around as well. We even got a little snow on Christmas Eve to make it a White Christmas. It's great to have my two daughters home for a few days together. So the holiday does continue.

As my tradition goes, I usually take the time to write my last post of the year as a review of what I've written about during the year. It's a way for me to reflect and think back on the year that will soon end before moving on to the next one. I just did the count and this will be my 49 blog post of the year. Here's a look back at 12 posts, one per month, that I felt reflected a major story, both from a public marketing perspective as well as a few personal views.

January - Social, Mobile and Presidential Campaigns to Dominate 2012

  2012My first post of 2012 included some predictions of where we were headed for the year. While they were fairly easy guesses, they were pretty accurate nonetheless. The Presidential race is now over, but we now have other political issues in the news. Most notably the approaching fiscal cliff and the renewed debate on gun control. We can see already where the start of 2013 is headed.

February - And the Winners are.... Super Bowl XLVI Wrap-Up

Superbowl-Logo-XLVIAnother year, another Super Bowl. I continue to cover the ads and marketing campaigns associated with this sporting event that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger each year. Besides the ads this year, and the Giants, the big winner was Twitter averaging more than 10,000 tweets per second without crashing! According to Twitter, the most tweeted moment of the game was when 12,233 people tweeted in a single second at the end when Tom Brady's Hail Mary pass wasn't caught. The Giants will be lucky to make it to the Playoffs this year. We'll see.

March - Top Tips to Get You Up and Running on Facebook's new Timeline for Brand Pages

Facebook-timeline-600Facebook introduced timeline for brand pages and everyone had just till the end of the month to update their page to the new format. Today it's hard to remember what the pages looked like before Timeline. People reacted negatively at first, mostly because you lost the option to have non-fans see a different, "welcome" page than existing fans.

We're looking to see what new things Facebook will introduce to help make money  now that they're a public company. For shareholders they just better involve more mobile options!

Pinterest-Carrot SoupApril -Are you on Pinterest Yet? It's now the 3rd Largest Social Networking Site in the U.S.

Pinterest was the new social network darling of the year. At the time of this post it was announced that Pinterest was the third most-visited social-networking site in the United States. They have continued to gain visitors and became the fastest growing site in 2012. Many marketers started experimenting with Pinterest, mostly tourism, fashion and food. Now today you can find all kinds of brands there, including those with B2B products and services. We'll have to see where Pinterest continues to go in 2013 as the trend for more and more visuals, and less words, continues.

6a00d8341c011b53ef0168eb8a9e6a970c-800wiMay - Mom's Reflections on Graduation Day 2012

This past May I was one of the many proud parents who got to see their daughter graduate from college. This was one of those "personal" highlights of my year that I will forever cherish. Since I am originally from the Bronx, and NYU's graduation ceremony was at the new Yankee Stadium, it was pretty special for me to return there.

6a00d8341c011b53ef016767b4c5ea970b-800wiJune -An interesting promotion combo: Pinterest and Facebook

Pinterest and Facebook continued to dominate the social media news. I was able to launch my first Pinterest related promotion for a client, the My Ft. Myers & Sanibel Bucket List Sweepstakes. People were invited to pin photos of their dream vacation on a Pinterest board and then come back to the Beaches of Ft. Myers & Sanibel Facebook page to enter by including the link to their board. Many promotions have now followed this process by combining the two networks to grow their followers and fans.

July - Countdown to London 2012 - There's an app for that! 6a00d8341c011b53ef0176168bc958970c-120wi

The Summer Olympic Games in London kicked off during the last week of July and continued in August. They were simply amazing and had us all hooked on watching the games on multiple screens! I made a point to finally get an iPad before the games started so could keep track of all the tweets, Facebook posts and use the apps while watching the games on TV. My husband and I even watched some of the events live on the iPad while watching the recorded events on the TV.

August - What to do when you're running a promotion during a hurricane

6a00d8341c011b53ef01774466f4b1970d-320wiWe started the month still celebrating the Summer Olympic games and ended it with another hurricane hitting the folks of New Orleans. This storm wasn't as devastating as Katerina, but it still did major damage to an area recovering from the last storm. At the time though we had no idea that Hurricane Sandy would destroy the New Jersey shore and parts of lower New York. It was a year that marketers had to quickly decide on how to change their social media and promotional campaigns in real time in light of current events.

September - Marketing firm offers a win-win solution for local high school athletics and merchants with the Safe Driving Sweepstakes

6a00d8341c011b53ef017ee3cae7e9970d-320wiAs the year went on, we continued to see the use of mobile rise, from accessing social networks, to searching the Internet, to finding local places to shop and dine and to text family and friends. More marketers were incorporating mobile into their campaigns and adopting their websites and landing pages to accommodate the smaller screen. With this increasing trend, we also saw more people using their phone while driving. This sweepstakes promotion was only accessible via SMS (text) entry, but entrants needed to pledge to not text and drive to participate.

October - The Story of #Sandy told through social media photos

6a00d8341c011b53ef017ee49a4739970d-800wiThe month of October ended with Hurricane Sandy destroying parts of the East Coast which left many homeless and others still trying to return to their homes. As far as social media, Instagram and Twitter help spread the news through the use of photos. Instagram reported receiving 10 photos a second. Since then Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has come under huge criticism for the way their miscommunication around their new privacy policy and Twitter and Instagram seem to be in a competitive war with one another.

ObamaNovember - What role did social media really play in the 2012 election?

As my opening blog post of the year stated, the Presidential election campaign was with us throughout the year. President Obama continued to use social media to communicate with the people and had a big jump on any of the Republican candidates, including Mitt Romney. The President tweeted @BarackObama this photo with the comment "Four More Years!" just minutes after the news declared him the winner!

December - JELL-O promotion invites people to share their bucket list before the Mayan Apocalypse

149741_510963845602841_1894223259_nWell we all made it through the 12/21/12 Mayan Apocalypse, the end of the world theory predicted because the Mayan calendar ended on this date. Many celebrated end of the world parties the night before and some marketers where having fun with it, like this JELL-O promotion We got to give and receive all those gifts that we just spent billions of dollars on! According to the latest numbers released from comScore right before Christmas, $38.7 billion was spent online, marking a 16% increase versus last year. I did most of my shopping online this year.

Hope you enjoyed the review. I wish you a very Happy New Year and here's to a wonderful and prosperous 2013. Thanks again for reading!


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