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JELL-O promotion invites people to share their bucket list before the Mayan Apocalypse

It's hard to believe that it is now less than a week till Christmas day. I finally finished "decking the halls" of our house and finished my shopping except for a few small items. I did end up doing the majority of my shopping online this season. According to figures that comScore released last week, U.S. online holiday spending Approached $27 billion for the first 37 days of the November-December shopping season. That's up 13% vs. last wear.

However, between now and Christmas we have to get through the 12/21 apocalypse in order to give and receive all those gifts that we just spent billions of dollars on! Did you forget about this end of the world theory predicted because the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012? Well don't fret, we've got Jell-O Pudding to save us!

149741_510963845602841_1894223259_nThe Kraft Foods brand is currently running a “funpocalypse” campaign to “fun things up” during the days leading up to the date in question. Throughout this week 60- and 30-second Jell-O pudding TV spots are running with a “Fun to the Rescue” theme, and the brand is also sponsoring apocalypse-themed programming on cable channels. Check out the ad here:

In case Jell-O is unable to save the world after all they are inviting Americans to share the one thing they’d want to do before the world may end. To encourage sharing the brand is running the "JELL-O PUDDING BRINGS FUN TO THE RESCUE" Sweepstakes on Twitter now through Dec. 20. They are randomly drawing 12 winners per day who will win $100 supposedly to use toward completing their “bucket lists".

To enter, participants need to follow @JELLO and tweet @JELLO with hashtag #funpocalypse; and share what they would like to cross off their bucket list.

Jell-O will also have street teams in five major metro areas handing out leaflets to assure people that “the end isn’t near; the fun is”; and is offering cards with humorous apocalyptic messages through a partnership with Someecards that you can view here.

Greg Gallagher, Senior Brand Manager, JELL-O, Kraft Foods Group, stated in a release that "Fun is in the DNA of JELL-O and by inserting ourselves in the cultural conversation of the Mayan apocalypse, we will remind people to have some fun with their food."

So I chose to right about this campaign this week because I thought we could all use a little fun right now in light of all the sorrow we are feeling for the families in Newtown. On that note, please consider participating in some way to the #26Acts of Kindness for Newtown where people are using social media to pledge to commit acts of kindness in honor of the shooting victims. I'm just beginning to work on mine. This was all started with a Tweet from Ann Curry, of NBC News.

If we learned anything from social media in 2012, it is that it's a remarkable and powerful way to stay in touch with one another at a level the world has never been able to achieve before, in both good times and bad. Let's hope it will help to enable us people to make a better world in 2013.


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