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Coke's Super Bowl Campaign rewards viewers who engage the most

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoBy Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

This Sunday Super Bowl XLII will be broadcast from New Orleans not only on the CBS TV network, but viewers can also watch it on their small screens. We can even listen to it on Sirius radio if you happen to be in your vehicle. So not only do we get to watch the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers go at it, but also Madison Ave. who will fight it out in another Ad Bowl. Two main consumer categories will again dominate the ads this year, automobiles and beverages.

Even though Pepsi is a huge advertiser this year and is sponsoring the halftime show featuring Beyonce, Coca-Cola is also back. Last year if you recall, Coke tried something new with their popular polar bears who reacted in real-time to the Bowl game’s activities and ads. Viewers got engaged by sharing their thoughts and comments to the bears’ reactions via Facebook and Twitter. So Coke learned a bit from this and is taking it one step further with this year's campaign called "Coke Chase".

CokeChaseThe premise of the campaign is to allow viewers to determine the outcome of a “chase” in real time, along with the content of a post-Bowl commercial. The ads feature three groups of people lost in the desert; “cowboys,showgirls and badlanders". They come upon a mirage of a Coke in the distance and then compete to reach it first.

Viewers are invited to vote on who will win the Coke Chase game by visiting from any screen (mobile, tablet or desktop) to view the ads and vote for their favorite team via YouTube. The winning group and all results will be revealed in a TV spot immediately following the end of the Super Bowl. Here's a peak at the Cowboys sabotage clip that is being promoted today on Coke's Facebook page. features bios and photos of each team’s members to help participants choose their favorite team. The team sabotaging is another element that participants can engage in “fun and ridiculous ways” as shown in the clip above. The more users share the experience, they more sabotages they can unlock.

In addition, the first 50,000 consumers who engage with the brand after the game via MyCokeRewards, will receive a free Coke.

It will be interesting to see how many people do in engage with this campaign. I guess if the football game is boring, it will give us all something else to do. I'm hoping for a good game though. What do you think of Coke's campaign? You think today's consumer's are ready to interact with the brand on their mobile devices while keeping up with the game, the party and the TV ads? We'll see.


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