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Wonderful Pistachios joins Super Bowl Advertisers and teams up with Psy Gangam Style

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoThis past weekend we got to witness some great NFL football playoff games, with the first on Saturday between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens which went into overtime. Unfortunately it didn't quite end the way I wanted and we now won't have a Manning in this year's Super Bowl Game.

We're down to four teams standing: Baltimore Ravens vs. the New England Patriots in the AFC and the San Fransisco 49er's vs. the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC. Who will make it to the Super Bowl XLVII game on February 3 in New Orleans this year?

Last week I started my review of promotional marketing campaigns focused on this year's Super Bowl game with this blog post: Are you ready for Super Bowl XVLII? The marketing hype has begun. As is tradition with my posts, I'm going to continue covering some of the marketing hype up to the big game!

Wonderful PistachiosWonderful Pistachios will be joining the list of Super Bowl advertisers for the first time with a 30-second spot featuring the now famous Psy, star of the “Gangnam Style” video that was the first to break 1 billion views on YouTube. This will also mark the first time that Psy will be in a U.S. TV ad which will air in the game’s third quarter.

Psy-TVThe ad won't be previewed prior to the game, but according to Marc Seguin, VP of marketing for Wonderful Pistachios, it takes the brand’s long-running “Get Crackin’” campaign to new levels which he reported that they have invested more than $100 million in the four years that it’s been running.

The campaign also integrates a social media presence. Wonderful Pistachios launched a sweepstakes on their Facebook page on January 9th called "Crackin' Gangnam Style”. Participants are invited to enter the sweepstakes by uploading a photo of how they Get Crackin’ Gangnam Style. They are permitted to enter once a day, however, they must upload a different photo with each entry.

Crackin-Gangman-StyleThe sweepstakes also allows people to enter without a photo if they chose to enter on the Get Crackin website either online or via a mobile device. Each eligible entry will be included in a random drawing that will take place after the Super Bowl for a chance to win $10,000 cash to be used towards a 12-month lease of a 2013 Mercedes Benz SLK 250,

Seguin also reported that they are contacting creators of other popular YouTube videos encouraging them to create parodies of this Psy ad once it’s been aired on the Super Bowl. So Wonderful Pistachios may soon have their own viral video hit.

Anyone should be able to find a package of Wonderful Pistachios at your their retail store much more easily this month. The brand has free-standing displays tied into its Super Bowl ad in about 50,000 stores with some featuring two to four displays in various locations, and others featuring multiple displays, according to Seguin.

Personally I love pistachios! My husband Kevin and I just returned from a visit to the Myrtle Beach area to visit my dad and sisters. There just so happened to be a big bag of Wonderful Pistachios in my dad's house. We we're blessed with 75 degree temperatures in mid-January while there and played three games of golf. Each day we took a stocked up on those pistachios and brought them on the course with us! I now wish I had taken a picture of us eating pistachios and playing golf Gangman Style, but I didn't.


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